Sunday funday

Here begins another week. I’m starting my third week of classes and it feels less nuttier than the first. Maybe I am getting use to Burlington, the citizens, and the routine of Champlain? Hm. I had my fourth acupuncture “nap” Saturday morning, and I think she is going to make a new plan for me. The winter is affecting me pretty harshly–very tired, thirsty, and not sleeping so great.  It also didn’t help that I went out for beers with classmates the night before…oops. My four classes have upped the reading this go around. I had to buy about 8 paperbacks for one class last fall, and only read two. Pretty pissed. So, now I am getting my readin’ on.

I’m learning how to eat humble pie with my art class. Lots of talented 19/20/21 years olds in this elective class, and somehow I am surviving with my crappy drawing. I hope to look back in April and laugh with pride. We’ll see.

Here are some things I am looking at on the web lately:

Last week, I painfully read the post thatHeather and Jon are taking a break. Possibly a Ross and Rachel type break. I really hope for time to heal their wounds because they are a great family and original, hilarious people. I’ve been reading Dooce for a few years now, and I feel like they are a second family. Funny how you can become so close to people who you only know through photographs and blog posts.

The Avett Brothers, “Backwards in Time.”


I’m a little late in the Goyte boat, but, damn, this song. THIS SONG. “Somebody that I Use to Know.”


All this dog wants is a treat. You, human, are a jerk.

My rockin’ classmates, Rachel, Greg, and Cora showed my class this video during our Tuesday night class. If this doesn’t create a lump in throat, or makes you stand on your desk and shake your fist with inspiration, then you just suck. Charlie, you are the man.

Have you seen this commercial yet?

Want a book recommendation? The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Read it. Love it. Devour it.

Mavis Staples is Memphis, and I smiled with childish glee when I watched this impromptu sing a round(I made that word up).




Throwing it to the wall to see what sticks

Here is how my last two weeks have been way up here in the 802. I just need to get through Friday…and then again next Wednesday. I’ll be home in Memphis for a week, and then back to the winter wonderland. Until then…

Turkey Lurky

Well, Thanksgivng 2011 is over. I was invited  to Jess’s house in Enfield, New Hampshire, and off I drove with Ross(another “not going home for the holiday” student) in a lovely blue Tacoma truck. I think I drove it well…it was a pretty, snowy drive and had fun hanging with the Lynch family. Singing “We Gather Together” at the table was funny since only her parents out of 16 people truly knew it:). While I tried chipping away at the massive amount of homework, assignments, and projects due in the next two and a half weeks, I went to see Breaking Dawn with Cora, shopped at J.Crew/Urban Outfitters/American Apparel today, and bought Super 8 earlier in the week. Burlington is gearing up for the holidays with the Christmas tree being lit tonight on Church Street. It’s a massive 38 foot blue spruce.

I’m still not believing it’s almost December, and I’ve been here for about four months. I’ll be home for Christmas for a week. The holidays are always a strange feeling for me-another year is ending, all of us are getting older, some are still stuck in their ways, yet it’s a time for togetherness, good food, and pretty lights. I dunno. Just odd. I don’t want to “just get through it,” but the last five years, it’s been that way. But, I’m still happy where I am, and look forward to 2012.

"Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

I’m a little out of chronological order with this posting.

I decided that I would walk the two blocks and one street over to Cafe Eclectic for breakfast on this past Sunday and to work on my dreaded research paper. Lugging my purse, Patagonia messenger bag with Macbook Pro, textbook, and steno pad, I headed out–damn it was HOT. I was gross and sweaty when I sat down(this walk consisted of about seven minutes), and I felt sorry for the very nice server who had to deal with me. Yes, water AND ice tea, please.

It probably didn’t help that I was wearing jeans on that bright and 95 degree morning(it was only 10:30am…). If I could have taken off my pants, and not get arrested or thrown out, I would have.

Anyway, breakfast was good, and I recommend Cafe Eclectic. It’s close, yet the service can be a bit slow(breakfast/brunch is pretty popular), but an enjoyable place to eat and people watch.

Research is for the birds…

I am this close getting my Master of Arts in Educational Media from Appalachian State University(all done online). So, here I am, sitting at Republic Coffee in Memphis, trying to read while the Cranberries and Pearl Jam are rocking in the background, and I am reading(er, eyes glazing over) all about “Selecting Measuring Instruments” and the Kuder Richarson and Cronbach’s Alpha Reliabilities for my Research Methods class(research plan in the works, along with my topic). I’m supposed to be reading 5 chapters for next week. Not happening ce soir.

I don’t do math. I don’t want to think about a research paper topic that interests me when it’s summer outside, and there are concerts to go to, flip flops to wear, and people to hang out with at night. No. No. No.

But, alas, I must. My future sort of depends on it.