Research is for the birds…

I am this close getting my Master of Arts in Educational Media from Appalachian State University(all done online). So, here I am, sitting at Republic Coffee in Memphis, trying to read while the Cranberries and Pearl Jam are rocking in the background, and I am reading(er, eyes glazing over) all about “Selecting Measuring Instruments” and the Kuder Richarson and Cronbach’s Alpha Reliabilities for my Research Methods class(research plan in the works, along with my topic). I’m supposed to be reading 5 chapters for next week. Not happening ce soir.

I don’t do math. I don’t want to think about a research paper topic that interests me when it’s summer outside, and there are concerts to go to, flip flops to wear, and people to hang out with at night. No. No. No.

But, alas, I must. My future sort of depends on it.


2 thoughts on “Research is for the birds…

  1. I completely understand but you can do it! You're almost there and when you are done you are going to be so happy you stuck it out! Go girl – you got this! 🙂

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