Here’s what stuck: First semester of MFA over.

Previously, I had written about my week of hell with school. So much was due in a span of three days PLUS speaking in front of the Burlington public that we had to put on all by ourselves. We made it through pretty well.

If you are interested in seeing my portfolio(which I had to cobble together, along with the final daily project, and the “Come Together” video), go here.

If you want to read about my semester in my Technology as a Disruptive Force class, go here.

Want to watch the Symposium video? Go here. I’m in the beginning of the video in a skit, and then again around the 40 minute mark. Wait for the video to completely load first.  I encourage you to watch it all to get a grasp of what I am studying, reading, discussing, and thinking about on a daily basis.

Here’s what I learned:

-No amount of planning can prepare you for making mistakes. I dropped the ball within a group project and I didn’t plan on throwing out an almost completed project to start over when it was due in 12 hours.

-A group of 12 people who are still learning from each other in the first four months of a graduate program can do pretty cool things under pressure.

-Project managing is a gift that I am hope to hone better this spring semester. I was originally assigned another project, but within a week of that assignment, I was assigned another, and it was baptism by fire. Champlain College is acquiring some pretty kick ass undergrads. I’m happy to have had them on our team.

-Yogurt, Dunkin Donuts hash browns, a shit ton of Starbucks chai lattes, and no sleep will produce some, uh, interesting art work.

-I realize that I am an art student, a design student, and a critical thinker. I’m not a perfect one, but I feel I can grow while I’m in Burlington.

-Asking for help and being vulnerable about your flaws is a trait that I need to work on a lot.

Spring semester 2012…here we go.


Self Portrait creation…

For my Foundation of Digital Image Making class,  I had an assignment to make a self portrait in a medium that I am not familiar and then a medium that I am. I made a video that I uploaded to YouTube and I hope it makes sense. This was the one I am familiar with in life…I did a Photoshop creation a la Andy Warhol of a picture of me. I get critiqued in class Wednesday, so crossing fingers both get the greenlight. Pretty nervous.


Here’s the link:



That’s Master Olson to you.

After two and a half years, I did it. I received my Master of Arts in Educational Media with a concentration in New Media and Global Education from Appalachian State University on May 6th.  I got to meet classmates who up until that Friday I had only heard their voices via Skype, read their emails, and comments throughout many Google group postings, projects, and social media updates.

Many people in Memphis asked if I was virtually going to walk across my room since I was an online, distance education student. Nope. I wanted to see the university and Boone, NC. I liked that the university included online students-thanks Appstate.  The ceremony was fairly quick, and the mountains were awesome. 

So now, it’s two degrees down, and one to go. 

No more teachers, no more books, no more dirty looks…

Spring classes for me are OVAH. Submitted my final paper last night to my professor. I am getting my Master’s in Educational Media, with a concentration in New Media and Global Education from Appalachian State University. All online. It’s been a fun adventure-not have to go to a traditional classroom, with a traditional teacher, and with traditional books. Using synchronous and asynchronous tools(oooooh, big words. Look them up) to communicate with classmates and my professors are methods I wouldn’t have dreamed two years ago I would be using to get a Master’s(Skype, web 2.0 apps, instant messaging).

Aren’t we supposed to be sitting in desks with notebook paper furiously writing a la Mr. Testaverde from Saved by the Bell?? (wish I could find a clip, but alas, can’t.)

Just ready for May 2011 to be here and can begin to use my degree even more. Whatever that means.