Icebox living-or how I am surviving a Vermont winter


I’m typing below three blankets, while wearing long underwear, and my space heater is on level 2 of 4.

Welcome to January in Vermont. It’s a wee bit chilly. UNDERSTATEMENT of the year, and it’s January 15th(or 16th) depending on when I hit send at the end of this thing). Layering and snow boot wearing is the look du jour.

Catch up:

Acupuncture is amazing, and super helpful to me right now. If there are offerings near you, go out of your comfort zone and try it.

I’m back to taking four classes this semester–3 core classes( Digital Storytelling, Play and Participaton, and Human Interface) and one elective(Painting Other Worlds). I’m glad to be back to a routine.Somewhat.

I have two new housemates, L and I. I just moved in today…still figuring him out. So, me and three boys. Living with dudes is actually quite easy when I don’t have to share a room, or haggle for the remote. I recommend it for you, ladies, if you need roomies of the platonic kind.

I’m already thinking of travel plans this year…ideas?

I can’t wait for summer in Burlington. It will be weird being the only MFA class–class of 2012 will have gotten their degree, and the class of 2014 isn’t here yet. My cohorts are already wondering about them. Also, summer in VT will not feel like an oven, a la Memphis.
I won’t be back in the 901 until…so enjoy 2012, Memphians, cuz I can’t do it with you.

Here’s to learning how to cope with coldness until May(April??).


Twenty Ninth Birthday

And now for a special Friday Finds(and a day late)…my twenty ninth birthday was yesterday. This didn’t truly shake me up like last year, or when I turned twenty five. Maybe I am ready for the last year of this decade, and looking towards my thirties? I feel like I am getting to know me better…did a move out of the 901 cause that? Probably. I’m around some pretty cool people(not that I wasn’t in Memphis), but the vibe is different. I hope I am not looking through rose colored glasses.

I spent yesterday sweating it out on a yoga mat, eating cupcakes, and drinking some tasty ice tea mojitos. There was a surprise italian cream cake. A tipsy outing back to campus to hear a professor of mine talk about art, and then bed by midnight. Pretty chill day and amazed at the amount of wishes in social media world that I received. I got some birthday money from my grandmother, a pretty cool scarf from Big Al back home, and cards from friends. And I decided to partake in a tarot card reading…pretty¬†interesting¬†and why not?

Here’s some pics of the day:

Cora’s cake that she brought–pretty tasty.

Birthday present pour moi

I saw the Rum Diary this week, and fell asleep due to being tired from school-I need to read the book now. School is going well, just the end of the semester is nigh, and everyone knows it. It’s getting colder, and I’m sure snow will be here soon. I’m excited for my first Vermont snowfall.

A week of firsts

    This has been a crazy news week–earthquake that shook most of the eastern seaboard in the USA, Steve Jobs stepping down from Apple(good for you, man, but we’ll miss the tennis shoes, and black turtlenecks at WWDC), Gadhafi/Khaddafy/Qaddafi/Cut Offy getting his regime body slammed by rebels, and now Hurricane Irene.
    If you are old enough to appreciate the Real World in the 90s and early 2000s, this was my first thought:

   I can’t handle any Real World shows pretty much since Vegas(the first time? are there more than one
seasons of Real World Vegas? I feel so…hmm). Anyway, THIS Irene was from Real World Seattle where we discover her bat shit craziness is partially due to Lyme Disease and she likes to throw precious stuffed animals into the waters of Seattle. See ya Irene, hope you are doing well now. 
    Anyway, my roommate Brian told me today that University of Vermont is canceling convocation, a few important student events, and the ice cream social. Guess which he was most upset about?  People in Burlington are keeping their eyes to the sky, but I predict I will be wearing my rain gear this weekend. Stay safe, America. 

Snow Media…

Memphians live for snow days. Kids do dances, wear their PJs inside out, and stand guard in front of the TV waiting to see their school name pop up on the screen under CLOSED.
Wait, you didn’t do that? Oh, sorry. You’ve missed out.
Sunday night, Memphians were all pumped for snow and a possible day off from school and/or work. Twitter and Facebook blew up in the Memphis community-people doubting the weathermen, giving stats in their zip code of “Is the white stuff falling yet?,” and guessing how much snow will get on Monday.  I found out faster than the TV what school systems closed on Twitter. Power of social media.
I drove out to Germantown for dinner with the ‘rents and just stayed the night. It started snowing about 6:30ish and we got about 3-4 inches(maybe more in surrounding areas) and a lot more in northern Mississippi. 
Twitterers in the 901 were using hashtags like”#Snowpocalypse” or “#snOMG” or “#snowdeath2011 to describe our winter wonderland. I made the white knuckle trip from Germantown back to midtown Memphis and the drive was fine. After layering up a little more, I walked around the Vollintine-Evergreen neighborhood, got a chai latte at Cafe Eclectic, and snapped some photos. 

It was fun to overhear kids throwing snowballs, people out walking, and just the quietness snow brings to a city. Hope we get more…