How I am Trying to Write Again

Harvard UniversityI have blatantly ignored writing for many, many months.

The speed of my life has not slowed and with the summer heat and promise lingering on the periphery, writing in this space again will create a sense of practice that I haven’t had in two years.

Thanks to a few social media apps that I have on my phone, I graduated from Champlain College’s MFA in Emergent Media program today two years ago. There is a trend now in social media to look backwards at pictures and posts of your yesterday’s in order to remember and reflect thanks to Facebook’s On This Day feature and the app  called Timehop. Nostalgia and sentimentality still captivate me.

Time has been a theme on my mind since the year began. How long will the winter last? Are there other career paths down the road I need to consider? How am I 32? How do weeks pass so quickly and some so slowly? Is this current way of life the best for me? And, then comes the relationship, marriage and children question with women around me: are we supposed to have it all? Love, marriage, children and a career while still leaving room for our dreams  and adventures? What if we decide to have children but not get married? Or just have relationships and a kick ass career? What then?

Writing inspiration has arrived and I hope it stays for this season. What the hell else do I have to lose?


My Life Update from 2014


*tap* *tap*

Is this thing on? Oh, good. Hi from 2014.  Last time I posted, it was spring of 2013 and I was about to graduate.

And I did in May. Here are some pictures of my classmate’s theses and whatnot. Mine is posted in photo form. After a conversation with my landlord, the decision was made to move out by the end of May, too, and then I received word that I got accepted here for the summer. My shoulders left my ears for a few weeks of relaxation, yet with one eye on a suitcase, moving boxes and trash bags.

To Paris I flew with much of my belongings in the dumpster or in a dozen cardboard boxes tucked away in my new home(after a significantly stressful 48 hour move out of studio apartment and into a basement). Once again, I transition from one moment to another moment.

I returned to Vermont with more of my eyes opened, my iPhone full of Instagrams, and my body anxious for the next thing, the next move. That feeling seems to never cease. I was unemployed for the first time since I was 16 and my savings were almost, completely, gone. I sat in coffee shops around Burlington with my laptop(again), but this time it was updating the resume and hunting for jobs. I got hired in August with a September start date to be a member of the SEO team in the digital automotive industry.  My shoulders left my ears for two more weeks of watching “Damages,” “Felicity,” and finishing “Orange is the New Black.”

And now, it’s January of 2014. Four months have gone by since I first received my badge and work swag. I’m filling my evenings with Girl Develop It classes and will be taking a French conversation class in February for 8 weeks or so. It is so cold out and I feel like my days are foggy, but it will pass soon with the weather.

I’m transitioning from living a life of student for two years and now I am back as a working adult, pulling a paycheck covered by benefits and trying to rebuild a savings account. Paying off students loans, too. Slowly…ever so slowly. This time, though, it’s not the same adult. I’m still wondering if this is the city for me, the job for me, the current “everything”for me.

This blog will be changing since I am changing. I am hoping for more dialogue with you about how do you handle life’s transitions? I hope this space becomes a place to talk about surviving a transition, figuring out your path, and knowing you can adapt to any situation. I want to write about my non-expert experience and hopefully you’ll want to read it.

2014 just started and I know anything this year is possible. American University of Paris happened after not thinking it would and I actually found a job in my field. What’s next?

Graduate School: The Vermont Crows and me

Vermont Crows, evening sky, flying overhead, winter, instagram, burlington vt
Vermont Sky, 5pm

It seems when I am walking home during the week that it is usually between 4:45pm-5:30pm. I don’t need a watch or a glance at my iPhone because overhead I can hear and see the murder of crows flying to their perches. Willard Street in Burlington has large, old oaks, hemlocks, and pine trees that these birds love to flock to at this time of day. It’s fun to just stand in the middle of the sidewalk and watch this curtain of black birds envelope the sky for a few minutes. It’s clockwork, it’s routine, it’s predictable.

Since I last posted, my thesis work is chugging along with deadlines approaching SOON. My thesis consists of a paper and an artifact(an art piece) that represents my work. I am looking at how people of all ages have accepted or have resisted technological change in their lives. Do we have to adapt or change? Why do we hold on to our nostalgic pasts? How is technology helping us in our work? What are our first technological memories? By conducting interviews recorded by my iPhone, I am digitally editing these interviews on Garageband, and then recording the .m4a’s to cassette tape. Those tapes will be put into Califone shoebox tape players and will be hung up(or mounted…installation final word is still debatable) for people to listen to the stories. Old media meets today’s new media. Obsolete objects that are losing their tangible place in the music world are still relevant, still be used. It’s a metaphor for people-senior citizens can feel left behind or out of touch because they don’t know how to use today’s technologies and today’s “digital natives”(a term I’m starting to dislike) are at a loss of proper social skills or social cues due to too much screen time or the use of digital tools during face to face time. My classmates and I will have a show on May 3rd in Burlington and I’m excited for the show. I graduate the following week. These semesters seemed so long when I was in the middle of them, and now the end is nigh.

Once again, I’m at a point of unpredictability. I’ve been accepted to the American University of Paris’s summer French immersion program and my dream is here. Yet, what if a dream job is offered post graduation? I’m looking at everything from all angles, but I know if six weeks of my life isn’t spent in Paris, I’ll live with resentment and regret.

I guess I just answered my problem. It’s just the usual worries-money, finding a job, money, paying off student loans, money, job searching and job waiting.

Maybe my crow friends have a secret I don’t know-they always know where to land. Everyday like clockwork. When days are tough, I’ll just look up and wait.

Graduate School: Almost the End

I made it to the Burlington airport about two hours early for my flight today. I overestimated how long it would take to get up, finish cleaning up my place, and make it out the door to run a quick errand before I get something to eat at a coffee shop and to the airport.

I have time on my hands to people watch and to reflect over the last semester. I feel like I ran another race this fall with my four classes, my small teacher assistantship(which really was more of printer paper refilling than actually helping students), and prepping for my thesis work. One of my classes, Collaborative II, was a continuation from my summer Collaborative I class and it was my first time to work with a client for over seven months. It was a lot of work, time, meetings, planning, and a super big presentation in late November. I feel confident that we impacted the group of stakeholders who attended and would love for the project to receive funding, but I want nothing to do with it for four months. I learned to let go of expectations, and just push forward. Focus on myself. Prepare for my future.

Flying home to Memphis this Christmas time may be different that last year, possibly because I don’t know the next time I’ll be in Tennessee. I hope to see people I haven’t seen in months and talk to my grandmother as much as possible. My thesis may get some attention(I definitely need to do interviews), but I also just want to watch the 200 channels my parents have on their TV, eat barbecue, and see Les Miserables.

These next ten days will be a change of pace, and I guess I need it. Merry Christmas all.

Here are some crazy cool things I found on the interwebs:

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Courtesy of my sister who posted this on her Facebook via Lisa Congdon


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