Memphis and Me

      With my decision to leave Memphis and head to New England(read here) coming quickly, I’ve decided to make a list of places, and eateries that I have never been to or tried in the city of Good Abode. Some I probably won’t get to do, but here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

-Three Angels
-The Cove(been once)
-Broadway Pizza
-Sweet Grass Next Door
-La Guadulapana–or any Mexican restaurant on Summer that people rave about online
The Arcade. Only stopped in once for a Sprite en route to picking up my towed car. Read about that here  DONE
-South of Beale
-Pancho’s-not kidding

Civil Rights Museum….I know. I KNOW. This should have been a third grade field trip experience, but I feel like I was sick on that day. DONE
-Stax Museum
-Graceland Too
-Spend a day exploring the South Main district. DONE
-One more show at the Hi-Tone
-One more time scarfing down at Jerry’s Sno Cone
-Eat as much barbecue as a I can.
-Duck walk at the Peabody. Never seen it.
-See as many summer movies at the Orpheum.
-Ride the trolley a few times
-Elmwood Cemetery

What are your suggestions?


"Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

I’m a little out of chronological order with this posting.

I decided that I would walk the two blocks and one street over to Cafe Eclectic for breakfast on this past Sunday and to work on my dreaded research paper. Lugging my purse, Patagonia messenger bag with Macbook Pro, textbook, and steno pad, I headed out–damn it was HOT. I was gross and sweaty when I sat down(this walk consisted of about seven minutes), and I felt sorry for the very nice server who had to deal with me. Yes, water AND ice tea, please.

It probably didn’t help that I was wearing jeans on that bright and 95 degree morning(it was only 10:30am…). If I could have taken off my pants, and not get arrested or thrown out, I would have.

Anyway, breakfast was good, and I recommend Cafe Eclectic. It’s close, yet the service can be a bit slow(breakfast/brunch is pretty popular), but an enjoyable place to eat and people watch.

Bust out the Firetrucks…or not.

June 7th was a big day for fast food eaters: The southern favorite, Chick Fil A, announced that the restaurant will now be selling spicy chicken sandwiches…oooh, ahhh.. Much hype was built up over the last few weeks of May-billboards alluded to it, and patrons could reserve a pre-order tasting of the new sandwich.
So, I decided Monday evening to give it a try. With the new menu redesigned, one could eat it plain, OR with a choice of American, Cheddar, or Provolone for the “Spicy Chicken Deluxe” meal. No thanks, I’m good. When I drove away, I said to myself “why do I smell bacon?” oh, right, the sandwich…hmmm, not a good start.

It was piping hot coming out of the bag, which pleased me. But…this was the zenith of my dinner. I expected explosions of spices-like J-Lo spiciness. Nope. It just tasted like the regular chicken sandwich with a hint, a HINT of some sort of pepper.
Yes, I finished it. But, about an hour later, I was soooo thirsty. Over 1700 grams of sodium in this sammich!!! No wonder.

So, dear readers, go ahead and try it, but I’ll be in the Wendy’s drive thru for my spicy chicken fix.

Sweet Little Thing.

I like, no, love food. I’ve never been too picky of an eater, sans the years where I didn’t eat pizza, or peas. But, when it comes to lunchtime, I’m a freak. I think about lunch pretty much around 9:00am and debate in my head the options until the lunch hour rolls around. I work in the East Memphis area, so I decided to hit up Bogie’s Deli during the Memphis lunch hour craziness.

As you can tell, a lot of other Memphians in this picture decided to hit up Bogie’s, too…so, there I was ordering my wrap sammich, chips, and large sweet tea, and Miss Sweet Little Thang who was about 2 feet tall and 90lbs in a Target dress mosey’s up to the counter to ask just for a small cup of potato salad and a piece of the strawberry cake. Really?? That’s all?? Weird combo for me, and I felt like a heifer.

"You have a baby…in a bar."

Last week, I attended a reception in East Memphis and met Steve Cohen..yes, the Congressman from Tennessee. He is much shorter in real life! Very nice guy, and well spoken. My friend, Elizabeth, recounted the evening here on her blog. Written better than I could ever do!
Afterwards, we killed time at the Beauty Shop restaurant the Cooper Young area-mojitos and creme brulee? OF COURSE!. I need to go back to the Beauty Shop for brunch, which I’ve heard is one of Memphis’s best.

The next night, I headed out to the dive bar, The Cove off of Broad Street in “not quite Midtown, but not quite East Memphis.” I think I may have been one of the youngest patrons there. The bar is from the old Anderton’s restaurant(RIP), and sells old fashioned drinks-Twenty One, mint juleps, mai tais, old fashioneds, etc. I felt like I should be in an episode of “Mad Men” when drinking there. Caught a band called Yazoo Shakes, but what made me do a double take was the pregnant trombone player…