Needle Napping-my first time with acupuncture

Over the last few years, I’ve been toying with different ways to make me a better version of myself. I’ve practiced Bikram yoga, taken Pure Barre classes, gone to therapy, and attended different religious services or added more prayer time to my week.
I decided after walking by a sandwich board on Church street in Burlington that I would try acupuncture. It would take place at a clinic that will take amy amount that you can afford. A classmate of mine also has been going to acupuncture to help with her health, so I’m glad to talk to her to compare notes.
Sooooooo…a few emails back and forth with Julie at Vermont Community Acupuncture, and I had my first appointment about eleven days ago. It was a freezing early afternoon, and I had about three extra layers enveloping me-think Randy from A Christmas Story without the need to pee. Julie sat with me for a few minutes to talk to me about my health history, and she checked my pulse and my tongue(!). Standard procedure that I learned later.
The next room had six beds partitioned off by white stalls for privacy and I was asked to remove shoes, socks, and lie down(lay down? sorry 9th grade English). I had needles inserted in my left ear, along my wrists near my thumb, one in between my eyes, and I think eight on my legs. I was told to just relax and she’ll check on me in 45 minutes.
It wasn’t that bad. It was a nice way to spend an afternoon, and when the time was up, she removed the needles, gave me some water, and told me that people either feel energetic or disoriented, so just take it easy. Alrighty then. I walked home, and promptly sped through season 1 of Downton Abbey on Netflix.
I had the best sleep in a long time that night. I had to catch a flight to Memphis for the holidays, and not once did I yawn, doze off, or feel sluggish while traveling. Was it my time with the needles? I’ve gone back again, and I was told by the third appointment that I should start feeling results.

I hope 2012 leads me to better health in all aspects of me. 2011 ended in a new place, new surroundings, and a new life. Here’s to it.


Call me Poindexter

     Last Sunday morning, my dad drives me to the Memphis airport so that I can fly off to Burlington, Vermont and then travel to New York City for a spring break trip. I was excited to be travelling back to that part of the country and to travel on my own. I make it to Burlington after flying through Charlotte, NC and JFK airport in New York and pretty much collapse in the hotel. I wake up Monday and head to a great eatery  in downtown Burlington called Magnolia Bistro and had their oatmeal pancakes with Vermont maple syrup(I mean you just have to!). I bum around the downtown area, and as I am driving back to the hotel, my right eye starts to water profusely, and I can barely keep my eyes open.

WHAT? I don’t have food allergies, and it’s 26 degrees out, so it can’t be pollen related.  This begins a very long week.

  I pretty much stay in my hotel until Wednesday, can’t see my friend who lives near VT, barely make it to the Magic Hat brewery, and begin taking benadryl and using visine eye drops like crazy. It sucked. Royally. I’m by myself, in a city where I know no one, and I can’t really get to the hospital.  I muster up strength, and Wednesday morning, I check out of the hotel, head back to the airport to drop off my rental car, and wait for a man named Don to take me to the Essex Junction, VT Amtrak station. This guy had a limp and grumbled at me. Great. I’m never going to be heard from again. He gets me to the station, and by this point, I can barely keep my eyes open. I physically  have to open them. I must have looked like a diva since I never took off my sunglasses, but when you feel like shit,  all appearance worries go out the window.

Nine hours later, I get to Penn Station. I couldn’t enjoy the New England views, or even the NYC skyline. This was my first EVER tip to the Big Apple, and I can’t see anything. Oh, and my contacts are out, so add that to the mix.  And I’ve been wearing the same pants since Sunday. I look AWESOME. I somehow figure out how to find the 8th street entrance/exit from Penn, get a taxi to my aunt and uncle’s apartment at Central Park South, and I made it.  I spend about 18 hours in the city as a whole-my uncle takes me to an optometrist the next morning, and it was decided that I didn’t have an allergy problem…

I have a corneal abrasion.


Did I mention I’ve never been to New York before now? Ok good.

I’m back in the 901 by 7pm that Thursday night, and my dad has antibiotic eye drops in hand.  The rest of the weekend consisted of two wearings of an eye patch, a lot of eye drops, artificial tears, and sleep.

I now own glasses, and will be wearing them for two weeks.

So, if you see me fumbling around town with these things on my face,  tread lightly.,

1 day down, 89 to go. P90x’s newest slave.

Since late July, I’ve had a unopened box sitting, or rather staring, at me on top of my TV.  I’ve been back and forth with exercise over the last year–go to the gym, walk around neighborhood, try a spin class, take a yoga class, etc. I used to practice Bikram Yoga,  but since I’ve moved out of Club Olson two years ago, funds are not as available.

I bought one of the latest fitness crazes: P90X. I am psychotic for doing so.

Last night, I broke out the DVDs, and starting Day 1: Back and Arms(or whatever). Lots of pushups, and pull-ups.
I am surprisingly not as sore this morning as I thought I would be. Maybe I didn’t push as hard?  I did have something to eat beforehand…bad move. I am working without a pull up bar, so using bands, instead. I had a moment where I thought it was going to hit me in the face, and be blinded forever, but I have cat like reflexes!

So, here’s to it. Making something a new habit, and as my friend Allison said “89 more days ’til graduation!”  Ugggggggggggggggh.

Sippin’ on the detox tea…

It seems that the “detox” fad has become more and more trendy these days-pills, food tips from Dr. Oz, and $350 “Clean” product line has you mixing a powdery substance into your water three times a day, et voila–DETOXING!

I was out grocery shopping, and picked up Yogi Detox tea–made of dandelion and a whole lot of other herbs and spices. It said it would help the kidney and liver, plus it comes in a tea form-eh, why not? I also picked up a box of green tea chai tea, which is funny to drink since it has been in the high 90s the last 10 days. Gooood times.

The detox tea is going well-I try to drink at least two cups a day, and I actually feel more comfortable. Not too tired in the afternoons when I get home from work, and seem to have a clearer head. My body is reacting well to it–yes, detox means “internal cleaning,” therefore, you can figure that one out:)

I’ll see how the rest of the month goes-it could all be in my head, but I fee less bloated and in general, more upbeat(mostly).

Have any of you tried any detox methods? Let me know.

Lock Your Knee…Lock your Knee…Lock YOUR KNEE! Change!: Bikram Yoga Thoughts

So, I discovered this form of yoga almost a year ago, in March. Memphis has a weekly(or is it monthly? hmmm…) newpaper focusing on women’s health, hot trends in working out, health food, etc, and Bikram Yoga was a featured article. I’ve heard of this “hot yoga” craze from a fashion mag, but thought it was some fad.

Oh, was I wrong…
I went to the only studio in Memphis ( for the first time in late April of 07. I read on the website about what to wear(pretty much go nekkid…), what to drink(buckets of water), and how much it will cost me(an arm and a leg).
I survived the 90 minute torture chamber, and came out alive! Bikram(beek-rum) yoga is 26 postures or asanas that are done in sequential order each time you come. It is named after Bikram Choudhruy) ¬†Every time you go, you know what to expect, and can improve upon each posture. Yes, you are in 105 degree heat, and have sweat forming in places that shouldn’t be discussed, but hey, you look slim, feel stronger, and can become emotionally fit. ¬†Bikram yoga studios are found across North America and around the world–I’ve even thought of going when I am in France this summer…
picture above is the Standing Head to Feet Pose–almost looking like her…almost…