Throwing it to the wall to see what sticks

Here is how my last two weeks have been way up here in the 802. I just need to get through Friday…and then again next Wednesday. I’ll be home in Memphis for a week, and then back to the winter wonderland. Until then…


Friday Finds

Busy week I’ve had. I think I spent more time at the Emergent Media Center than I did at home. ¬†Cried in class because I can’t figure out Flash. I think I’m getting sick. Snow is coming. It takes me about 8 minutes just to get my coat, scarf, hat, and any other layers that I have off when I’m out. I dislike having the feeling that when I have time to spare that I am forgetting to read, blog, write, create, attend a meeting, or do something related to school. I’ve reached that overwhelmed point. But, at least I’m not the only one who feels this way, in some fashion, in my group.

On to the finds:

The Memphis Blog posted this video of the Memphis trolleys.

Florence and the Machine + an upset baby–YouTube glory

I’ve started praying the 15 prayers of St. Bridget…something new to add to my spiritual health.

I have to make a short Flash animation similar to a Rube Goldberg creation. If you’ve seen this video, you’ll know what I mean. Or the Goonies. or Honey, I Shrunk the Kids(can’t find the breakfast gadget scene)

Happy Halloween everyone.

Life Update

Life Update:

-First year of graduate school completed. Now taking summer school classes…
-Skirt mag blog is pretty much dead in the water.
-Job has been up and down, but looking better on the horizon.
-Have been getting myself emotionally and spiritually healthier, work in progress.
-Will be doing some traveling and concert going this summer, hopefully doing more in Memphis that I’ve wanted to do–Memphis Farmer’s Market, Zoo, more concerts, plays, museum, restaurants. I need to change my outlook on the city, and do more than complain about it.
-Getting more into Twitter. Follow me! FrenchAGD82.
Pretty much it…summer is about to begin, my part time photo job is winding down, and I don’t have youth group meetings anymore, just softball games to attend. I will be going to Bluffton, SC July 12th-19th with our junior high group with Catholic Heart Work Camp. 75 13 and 14 year olds…pray for us all!!

8 Random Things About me

Here I am waiting for work to end on this cold Wednesday, and I saw that Francine has requested I follow suit and write 8 Random Things about Me…so, here goes:

1. I love getting new calendars, day timers, planners, etc and filling in birthdays, holidays, days offs, etc. Makes me feel important!
2. I did not eat pizza until I was 13.
3. I have a new appreciation of water, after practicing Bikram yoga.
4. I have a blue eye and a green eye.
5. I hate the words “panties” and “panty hose”.
6. I won 3rd place in the Geography Bee in 4th grade…I did lots of “bees.”
7. I was a pretty active sorority girl(had to steal somewhat of yours Francine!).
8. I like creating bulletin boards–finding knicknacks, cards, quotes, poems, pictures, buttons, etc to arrange on them. Sort of soothing to me.
Your turns!