Twenty Ninth Birthday

And now for a special Friday Finds(and a day late)…my twenty ninth birthday was yesterday. This didn’t truly shake me up like last year, or when I turned twenty five. Maybe I am ready for the last year of this decade, and looking towards my thirties? I feel like I am getting to know me better…did a move out of the 901 cause that? Probably. I’m around some pretty cool people(not that I wasn’t in Memphis), but the vibe is different. I hope I am not looking through rose colored glasses.

I spent yesterday sweating it out on a yoga mat, eating cupcakes, and drinking some tasty ice tea mojitos. There was a surprise italian cream cake. A tipsy outing back to campus to hear a professor of mine talk about art, and then bed by midnight. Pretty chill day and amazed at the amount of wishes in social media world that I received. I got some birthday money from my grandmother, a pretty cool scarf from Big Al back home, and cards from friends. And I decided to partake in a tarot card reading…pretty¬†interesting¬†and why not?

Here’s some pics of the day:

Cora’s cake that she brought–pretty tasty.

Birthday present pour moi

I saw the Rum Diary this week, and fell asleep due to being tired from school-I need to read the book now. School is going well, just the end of the semester is nigh, and everyone knows it. It’s getting colder, and I’m sure snow will be here soon. I’m excited for my first Vermont snowfall.


Memphis and Me

      With my decision to leave Memphis and head to New England(read here) coming quickly, I’ve decided to make a list of places, and eateries that I have never been to or tried in the city of Good Abode. Some I probably won’t get to do, but here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

-Three Angels
-The Cove(been once)
-Broadway Pizza
-Sweet Grass Next Door
-La Guadulapana–or any Mexican restaurant on Summer that people rave about online
The Arcade. Only stopped in once for a Sprite en route to picking up my towed car. Read about that here  DONE
-South of Beale
-Pancho’s-not kidding

Civil Rights Museum….I know. I KNOW. This should have been a third grade field trip experience, but I feel like I was sick on that day. DONE
-Stax Museum
-Graceland Too
-Spend a day exploring the South Main district. DONE
-One more show at the Hi-Tone
-One more time scarfing down at Jerry’s Sno Cone
-Eat as much barbecue as a I can.
-Duck walk at the Peabody. Never seen it.
-See as many summer movies at the Orpheum.
-Ride the trolley a few times
-Elmwood Cemetery

What are your suggestions?

V-Day means more than valentines.

  In November of 2009, I began following @justgirlinworld (Elizabeth Cawein) and read a tweet about meeting up at Cafe Eclectic for anyone interested in performing in The Vagina Monologues. Now, I’ve heard of these vignettes, and began reading the book in the summer of 2002, so I was familiar with the territory. Over the next five months, I, along with 8 other women,  practiced, laughed, and yes, moaned throughout these monologues, with a February 2010 performance at TheatreSouth. We raised over $2,500 dollars for  the Planned Parenthood of Greater Memphis. We were amazed and humbled by the amount of attendees at each performance. My worldview expanded with new knowledge of Planned Parenthood, the female experience, and the relationships between men and women. My comfort zone was in maximum overdrive.  I still have my beliefs, but I am more open minded about these topics.
    Here we are again, a new year, and a new VagMo! We have old and new cast members, and ready to rock! February 10th-12th at TheaterSouth. Doors open at 7:00pm, with curtain at 7:30pm. Saturday night will be extra special because we are inviting all audience members to an after party with the cast-stay around afterwards for wine, and a pretty awesome DJ. Tickets will be on sale soon online. Prices will be $8 for students, $10 beforehand, and $12 at door. Get them early!

Find us on Facebook and Twitter.

I found a video from the University of Pennslyvania that I think will dispell many rumors or accusations of the monologues. Hope it piques your interest to come see what our “troupe” has to say. Know a woman or care about one? Please attend!

The Vagina Monologues Video from Sarah Stoecker on Vimeo.

Tacky Christmas Sweaters, Memphis style.

Tacky Christmas Sweater

Christmas is here and so are the tacky sweater parties. I was invited to Laurie Yearginand Chad Gilbert’s engagement party last night and it was a tacky sweater themed party. Lots of turtlenecks, sequins, really bad socks, and bows. Bows galore. Laurie and Chad are getting married in April 2011(almost the same week as our friends Jenny and Garrett are having their son, Landon aka “Lando Calrissien”) and we can’t be more excited for them.

For those of you who don’t get the above Lando Calrissien reference(ahem, Jenny)…SHAME SHAME first of all…

Lando from Star Wars

After that party, I headed from East Memphis to Cooper Young area for Elizabeth’s “Very Cawein Christmas” throwdown complete with DJ’s(thanks dudes) and more tacky sweaters. Things didn’t get going until 10:30ish and that’s when Elizabeth’s 1000 year old house decided it didn’t want to party anymore, and a fuse was blown. Sad face. Major sad face. But, we still had a fun time, and I got home at a decent hour.

So here’s to the week of Christmas…2011 is around the corner, and lots to great events to celebrate.

Down in Mississippi and up to no good…

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They say young is good and old is fine and truth is cool but all that matters is that you have your good times”
-The Avett Brothers
In the spirit of the upcoming Halloween Avett Brothers concert this weekend in Nashville, I am listening to a lot of their music, old and new. This lyric made me laugh because it reminded me of this past weekend’s adventures.
Let’s go back in time…
About two weeks ago, Elizabeth mentioned to me how busy the latter part of October is going to be for her and her place of work, and mentioned that, on top of work responsibilities, she has been asked to see Memphis’s own, Lord T and Eloise, play in Starkville, Missisissippi…at a frat house. So, of course, she couldn’t pass up this opportunity.
I had a wedding to attend to of a highschool friend, so I thought that I couldn’t make it. But, the wedding started at 5:00pm, and the show didn’t truly start until 10:30pm-11:00pm, so I technically could go. Mind you, Starkville is 3 hours southeast of Memphis. Pssht, sure! Let’s go!
The group ended up being Elizabeth, myself, her upstairs neighbor and friend, Megan, and Megan’s friend Melissa. All women 25-29 and up and headed to party with frat boys and sorority girls–awww yeah. We caravanned and  hit the road, got a little lost, fell into line with MSU vs UAB homecoming traffic, and finally found the Phi Delta Theta house. 
Best quote of the evening:  OH-“This is why I became Social Chair-to get Lord T and Eloise!”
Favorite LT&E songs of the evening: “To My Ladies” “Gentleman Please”
The group went on in all of their glory, did a cover of 3 6 Mafia, Witnesse spinned his records, we danced, had a lot of adult beverages(thanks, Keystone Light!), and met some very young, but nice Phi Delts. They were shocked and awed we knew LT&E…
I made it back to Memphis by 6am and got about 5 hours of sleep on Sunday. It was a blast, I saw ex-highschool students from Memphis that did double takes when they saw me, and for one night, I was back in college.  
Check out Flipside Memphis’s coverage of the crunk artists…