Decorating in a Small Space with Everyday Pretty 2012

I moved into my new studio apartment in late May. Finally. My own place after moving home in March 2011 and back with my parents(after living on my own for three years). Five months later, I moved to Vermont and into a unique living situation-three boys and I living above our landlord on the second floor of his house(basically). We had a private entrance and stairwell, but still. I had a room.That was it.

Luckily, a furnished bed, desk, lamp, and etagere was already there when I moved into the place. The seasons changed, and it became April 2012, and was told to move out. Long, stupid story short, I made it to late May and could move in to my own place with my own closet, stove, fridge, bathroom and bought a bed for the first time.

Yet, I needed decorating help. My friend back home, Katie Wassmer, has a super cute blog, Everyday Pretty, and she kindly agreed to do a few posts about decorating in a small space. Go here to learn about maximizing small spaces(with pics of my kitchen), here to make small spaces bigger, and generally, just poke around on the blog! Go here to follow on Twitter , Facebook and Pinterest.  Thanks for your advice friend!

Now that I have time off from school for about two weeks, I can finally hang up pictures, buy decorative things, and rearrange my room…again.



It’s June already? Oh hey there.

Over the last three weeks, I’ve been to a bachelorette party, a few wedding showers, hung out with friends, saw Bridesmaids,  and worked out at the local Pure Barre studio. That’s about it.  Throw in  my job, and I’ve been doing pretty much squat.  I did get a five year award from my job as a thank you for my time, yet it was funny to get since I am leaving said job. It has been interesting(which is the best I can come up with right now) gauging the reactions from co-workers about my departure-I’ve received very warm sentiments to the insensitive ramblings.

I travel to Burlington this coming Sunday-Thursday to look for a place to live in August. I have a few leads, and I hope one of them works out. Because it has to work out. I got an email from my potential roommate stating she has decided to move in with her boyfriend, which I had a feeling she was going to do something like that. Glad I have been looking for 1BR’s on the side. I understand, though.

I hope to be able to get a few things crossed off my list-set up a bank account in Burlington, walk around more of the city to get bearings, and visit Champlain’s campus again. Get used to walking everywhere,too, since I will be sans vehicle.

More to come after Burlington trip…

Luck not on my side

Scene: Thursday night, avoiding working on take home final exam and watching Policewomen of Memphis(are you watching this show??? If not, you MUST. TLC. Thursdays at 8CST). Decided to take out trash between commercial break, like I am supposed to every Thursday night for trash pickup Friday mornings.

Here is problem #1:

These are the amount of keys that it takes to keep my duplex locked. If you are counting at home, I believe it is 7. I live in a two story duplex(me occupying second floor), and there are doors upon doors to open, and lock. It’s a pain, but worth living where I am in midtown.

Back to scene-trashcan in hands, and the smaller white keychain in use, I head back inside, go up the back stairs, and realized that I shut one of the doors behind me…that locks on its own. Do I have the correct keys? Of course not. After standing there trying to figure out what to do-everything from breaking the glass window that looks into my kitchen, to breaking down the sealed door that leads from the back stairs landing into my second bedroom/office. So, I sucked it up, and called my management company, and on the EMERGENCY ONLY hotline option, spoke to the head maintenance dude, and twenty minutes later, all was well.

Just how I wanted to spend my evening, but I learned a lesson–treating everyone with respect and courtesy works. He lowered my locked out fee twenty bucks because of the communicative relationship he and I have with maintenance problems.

Oh, and to not get myself into this situation again…

Dishwasher surprise

I live in a duplex built in 1922. I figured I would run into issues, and problems that I am not used to in my previous living establishments when I was choosing a new place to live. A 1940s stove, radiators in every room, creaky hardwood floors, cracks in the ceiling, a basement, and a portable dishwasher(at least, that’s what I call it).
I decided to do the mundane task of washing dishes , and after running the it for two cycles, discovered no water was coming in to the appliance. Awesome. Just awesome. So, made a maintenance request, and was emailed that a tech would come by to fix the problem.
I came home yesterday to find it in this state:

For those of you with good eyes, you can see that there is a quick release valve hooked up to the faucet which supplies the hot water to the dishwasher, et voila, clean dishes. Yeah. One wishes. I read the directions given to me, say out loud ” THIS is how I am going to use the machine??,” turn it on, and plop down to watch late afternoon TBS shows. After hearing it sputter and gurgle, I realize after a while I need to check on it.

Suds. Water. Wet rug.

About 20 minutes later, and 20 towels later, my fight with the dishwasher ends-GE appliance 1, Andrea 0.

I have a feeling my rental management company is going to realllly not like me over the coming year…

Moving on Up…or Out, Rather

So, my Dad and I went down to Olive Branch, MS,(a ‘burb south of Memphis) to a wholesale dealer to look at furniture for my first apartment–well, second if you count the college apartment that I had senior year. But, this would be my first “grown up” place. I found a couch, loveseat, and pub style table/chairs that may be a possibility…pretty cheap stuff, but quality.

We’ll see…