My Bio

“If you’re loved by someone you’re never rejected. Decide what to be and go be it.”-Avett Brothers

I grew up in the City of Good Abode, Home of the Blues-Memphis, Tennessee, where I will always say is home

I moved to the northeast in 2011 to begin my MFA in Emergent Media studies from Champlain College in Burlington VT,where I graduated in 2013. I feel that obtaining three diplomas in the wide world of education is enough, but won’t stop learning. (Hence, traveling to Paris and studying for a summer at the American University of Paris before getting a job).

I miss Memphis, but loving Vermont. A SEO Analyst on the SEO team with, previously Search Implementation Specialist; part-time Circulation Coordinator for the Champlain College Library and part-time Weekend on Call Staff member of Car Share VT.  All is well.

Big fan of these things:
’90s nostalgia
my MFA thesis
Memphis BBQ
not doing laundry
trying to exercise
media-old and new

Please check out my social media channels and read about the last five years of life on this blog.


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