Memphis in May Music Fest-or how I saw Gavin Rossdale finally.

As I’ve mentioned, I came home last week to not only see friends, but to go to Memphis in May’s Beale Street Music Fest. I guess my body had become acclimated to the New England coolness because I got super overheated within forty five minutes of walking around Tom Lee Park. Water wasn’t helping. I had that feeling in my head and stomach that this day was not going to end well. I ate some barbecue, drank some sugary ice tea, and tried to find shade in the 90 degree heat(along with every other music goer). Everyone moved super slowly like we were walking through water.

Yet, I rallied. I rallied because this band came to town.

Seeing Bush was a check off my list of bands to see in my life. Since I bought “Sixteen Stone” in 1994, I have been a fan of their music and lead singer Gavin Rossdale. I could not stop smiling throughout the set. Everyone around me seemed to be in my age bracket and sang a long to almost all of the words. Great experience.

The sun went down, and if I could have beamed myself back to my parent’s house I would have done so. I could barely walk, and needless to say, I was driven home, and promptly drank Gatorade…I KNEW this was going to happen, oddly, earlier in the week, yet didn’t really prepare. I had a day to recover, and traveled back uneventfully to Burlington for the beginning of my summer classes. I won’t be back in Memphis until Christmas, so I was happy to have this small window of eating BBQ, drinking great water, and seeing the Mississippi at sunset.

I start classes on May 15th-four classes, and a fellowship. It’s going to be a wild ride.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I left the City of Good Abode for the Queen City.


Needle Napping-my first time with acupuncture

Over the last few years, I’ve been toying with different ways to make me a better version of myself. I’ve practiced Bikram yoga, taken Pure Barre classes, gone to therapy, and attended different religious services or added more prayer time to my week.
I decided after walking by a sandwich board on Church street in Burlington that I would try acupuncture. It would take place at a clinic that will take amy amount that you can afford. A classmate of mine also has been going to acupuncture to help with her health, so I’m glad to talk to her to compare notes.
Sooooooo…a few emails back and forth with Julie at Vermont Community Acupuncture, and I had my first appointment about eleven days ago. It was a freezing early afternoon, and I had about three extra layers enveloping me-think Randy from A Christmas Story without the need to pee. Julie sat with me for a few minutes to talk to me about my health history, and she checked my pulse and my tongue(!). Standard procedure that I learned later.
The next room had six beds partitioned off by white stalls for privacy and I was asked to remove shoes, socks, and lie down(lay down? sorry 9th grade English). I had needles inserted in my left ear, along my wrists near my thumb, one in between my eyes, and I think eight on my legs. I was told to just relax and she’ll check on me in 45 minutes.
It wasn’t that bad. It was a nice way to spend an afternoon, and when the time was up, she removed the needles, gave me some water, and told me that people either feel energetic or disoriented, so just take it easy. Alrighty then. I walked home, and promptly sped through season 1 of Downton Abbey on Netflix.
I had the best sleep in a long time that night. I had to catch a flight to Memphis for the holidays, and not once did I yawn, doze off, or feel sluggish while traveling. Was it my time with the needles? I’ve gone back again, and I was told by the third appointment that I should start feeling results.

I hope 2012 leads me to better health in all aspects of me. 2011 ended in a new place, new surroundings, and a new life. Here’s to it.