"I Love my House! I love my HAIR! I can do ANYTHING good!"

Wedding season has commenced.

This pretty much summed up in my weekend:

Thanks to Muddy’s, Memphis Pizza Cafe, Huey’s, Chick fil A, and Cracker Barrel for satisfying these taste buds this weekend while my bride to be friend, Anna, was in town. She hasn’t been home to Memphis in about two years, so Memphis food was #1(along with getting bbq sauce, rub, and Ugly Mug coffee).

While at the cookout, one YouTube video was shown, and I haven’t laughed so hard in a while watching YouTube.

Jessica’s Pep Talk

Summah, summah, summah time is here in Memfuss!


My Best Friend’s Wedding

Pictures courtesy of Russell Hayes

waiting for the ceremony to begin…
Laurie made this infamous Memphis mayor’s campaign slogan for an out of town groomsmen…yes, our mayor DID say this.
Jamie helping Ardis with dress..it was tricky. I’m pretending not to see the photog…but I did.
Amy, Wade, and the bmaids walking down Union and Second…
Alpha Gam’s after singing to Amy…

Last bridesmaid duties of the season…as of right now. My bff Amy Jackson married her longtime boyfriend, Wade Stack, May 10th in Memphis. It was a great, stress free day, and we all had a great time.  It poured rain, but isn’t that supposed to be a sign for good luck? Anyway, here are a few pictures…a few more summer weddings!

One Wedding Down, Four to Go

Nichole Hughes and Josh Lewis got married this past Saturday night in downtown Memphis–beautiful wedding, and it is always good to see friends from childhood/highschool get married. We always talk when we are younger about who we are going to marry “when we grow up” and of course, the crush of the moment is “the one.” We plan our children’s names, our bridesmaids, our occupations as a young age, and then reality hits. It is sort of surreal to see the people in your life actually moving forward, marrying, getting careers, and starting their lives–when did this happen?  I am very happy for the both of them, and enjoyed myself immensely! Pictured above is a group photo of some of the Class of 2001, courtesy of Russell Hayes Photography(and Nichole and Josh, of course!)…