Finding Patterns with @hagi_hara

To see more photos of patterns found in everyday life, follow @hagi_hara.

Osaka Instagrammer @hagi_hara began using Instagram nearly three years ago to shoot things in everyday life that caught his attention. He soon noticed that his photos had a similar aesthetic, capturing designs and patterns that came out of negligible places, such as a cover on a street gutter, a cross section of a cabbage and creases on a folded umbrella. “Even before I started Instagram, I originally had an interest in different types of patterns like repetition, symmetry and contrast,” he says. “I love browsing the #texture and #pattern hashtags, and I also started using them on my own photos.”

When @hagi_hara searches for designs, he looks for the smallest things that amuse him in the most mundane of places. “When I discover an interesting pattern, it makes me so happy that I want to share it with everyone,” he explains. One of his favorite types of patterns is repetition, which he captures from things like a stack of chopsticks, a bird’s feathers and a cover on a skylight. The images captured through @hagi_hara’s phone can become confusingly beautiful. He adds, “When it is hard to figure out what the image is about, I like to write in a small hint of what it is in the caption.”


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