SO excited for this::::

Claudia of Explode Into Colors has an opening reception at PICA this week for her new work, Water.

Water is a collection of hanging Califone cassette players that facilitate the exploration of the resonant and sculptural qualities of sounds and their sources. Meza focused her recordings on things that amplify water—ferries, rivers, oceans, waterfalls, water taps, water bowls—isolating their tones and textures on looping tapes. The installation is an instrument without instruction, by which the audience performs their own experience by pressing Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, and Stop. In this way, each cassette deck acts like an auditory “Berlin key” that holds the user responsible for opening and again locking the door before the key may be retrieved. Alongside this sonic space, Meza presents video excerpts from Mourning Youth, an in-progress “wordless opera” on the elasticity of self and time, which she is developing with collaborator Chris Hackett.

Claudia Meza is a Portland-based artist and composer who studied music composition and digital music production at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. She has recorded and toured with the bands Japanther and Explode Into Colors, and has performed her own work in clubs, basements, dance halls, ballrooms, art galleries, and music festivals internationally. Meza started New Musics, a platform for supporting new classical musicians and composers in Portland.

Opening September 1, showing from September 2-22, 2012: Tuesday-Saturday, 12-6pm at 

  • White Box at the University of Oregon in Portland
  • 21 NW 1st Avenue
  • Portland OR 97209


::look for more of Claudia’s work at TBA this year,  Sonic City PDX. “It’s a conceptual sound installation that brings attention to the everyday acoustic occurrences happening all over the city which most of us tend to tune out in our daily life.”… an exciting interactive project involving found sounds from around the Portland area— I contributed a found sound to it, and Kerby helped program the interactive map for the audio tour to go with it.I can’t wait to listen to everyone’s special sonic spots.


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