My Life Update from 2014


*tap* *tap*

Is this thing on? Oh, good. Hi from 2014.  Last time I posted, it was spring of 2013 and I was about to graduate.

And I did in May. Here are some pictures of my classmate’s theses and whatnot. Mine is posted in photo form. After a conversation with my landlord, the decision was made to move out by the end of May, too, and then I received word that I got accepted here for the summer. My shoulders left my ears for a few weeks of relaxation, yet with one eye on a suitcase, moving boxes and trash bags.

To Paris I flew with much of my belongings in the dumpster or in a dozen cardboard boxes tucked away in my new home(after a significantly stressful 48 hour move out of studio apartment and into a basement). Once again, I transition from one moment to another moment.

I returned to Vermont with more of my eyes opened, my iPhone full of Instagrams, and my body anxious for the next thing, the next move. That feeling seems to never cease. I was unemployed for the first time since I was 16 and my savings were almost, completely, gone. I sat in coffee shops around Burlington with my laptop(again), but this time it was updating the resume and hunting for jobs. I got hired in August with a September start date to be a member of the SEO team in the digital automotive industry.  My shoulders left my ears for two more weeks of watching “Damages,” “Felicity,” and finishing “Orange is the New Black.”

And now, it’s January of 2014. Four months have gone by since I first received my badge and work swag. I’m filling my evenings with Girl Develop It classes and will be taking a French conversation class in February for 8 weeks or so. It is so cold out and I feel like my days are foggy, but it will pass soon with the weather.

I’m transitioning from living a life of student for two years and now I am back as a working adult, pulling a paycheck covered by benefits and trying to rebuild a savings account. Paying off students loans, too. Slowly…ever so slowly. This time, though, it’s not the same adult. I’m still wondering if this is the city for me, the job for me, the current “everything”for me.

This blog will be changing since I am changing. I am hoping for more dialogue with you about how do you handle life’s transitions? I hope this space becomes a place to talk about surviving a transition, figuring out your path, and knowing you can adapt to any situation. I want to write about my non-expert experience and hopefully you’ll want to read it.

2014 just started and I know anything this year is possible. American University of Paris happened after not thinking it would and I actually found a job in my field. What’s next?

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