15 essential steps to Kickstarter success


“Crowdfunding isn’t a magic bullet,” Amanda Palmer recently told the Daily Dot.

In other words, there is no shortcut to success when it comes to raising capital online. Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo can be empowering—allowing artists and creators to directly connect with their fans for potential funding—but they still require a desirable product and an audience to make it happen. In Palmer’s case, the provocative songwriter spent a decade touring and engaging her audience leading up to her $1.2 million Kickstarter success.

There are, however, some tips and tricks for Kickstarter that every creator should take note of. And few would know better than Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt.

Their Studio Neat is responsible for two blockbuster hardware projects on Kickstarter: the Glif, a slick tripod mount for the iPhone 4, and Cosmonaut, a wide-grip stylus for touch screens. The two learned so much from the experience that they self-published an insightful, first-hand memoir, It Will Be Exhilarating: Indie Capitalism and Design Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century.

At XOXO Festival, a recent two-conference focused on disruptive technology in Portland, Ore., the two provided the following Cliff Notes, a 15-step guide for Kickstarter success.

15 essential steps to Kickstarter success


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