Decorating in a Small Space with Everyday Pretty 2012

I moved into my new studio apartment in late May. Finally. My own place after moving home in March 2011 and back with my parents(after living on my own for three years). Five months later, I moved to Vermont and into a unique living situation-three boys and I living above our landlord on the second floor of his house(basically). We had a private entrance and stairwell, but still. I had a room.That was it.

Luckily, a furnished bed, desk, lamp, and etagere was already there when I moved into the place. The seasons changed, and it became April 2012, and was told to move out. Long, stupid story short, I made it to late May and could move in to my own place with my own closet, stove, fridge, bathroom and bought a bed for the first time.

Yet, I needed decorating help. My friend back home, Katie Wassmer, has a super cute blog, Everyday Pretty, and she kindly agreed to do a few posts about decorating in a small space. Go here to learn about maximizing small spaces(with pics of my kitchen), here to make small spaces bigger, and generally, just poke around on the blog! Go here to follow on Twitter , Facebook and Pinterest.  Thanks for your advice friend!

Now that I have time off from school for about two weeks, I can finally hang up pictures, buy decorative things, and rearrange my room…again.


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