February 2012 thoughts

February is coming quickly to an end. It’s a special month because of the leap day, which marks another passing of time–four years is significant if you are a high schooler, college student, or even a new parent. I’ve noticed lately due to a class assignment on digital identity that I reflect on time, the past, my childhood, and where I was on certain day, month, or year.
I feel it’s my way of curating my life…making my thoughts, photos, tweets, and posts a record of me. To not be forgotten? Maybe. My time here at Champlain is going to go by so quickly, and I want to make sure I remember most days. With a pretty mild winter, walking around Burlington has been pretty easy.
I move into my new place in early June and I can only imagine what I will accomplish during summer term. Not much else is going on but grad school life. I have spring break in two weeks without a lot of plans. Lent begins this Wednesday–no Starbucks, more Mass attendance and participating in Stations of the Cross at least three times.
I’m all over the place with this post, but that’s how my life is these days. Staying warm, lots of self reflection, assignments, meetings, bus riding, and going through motions while trying to embrace my surroundings.


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