Icebox living-or how I am surviving a Vermont winter


I’m typing below three blankets, while wearing long underwear, and my space heater is on level 2 of 4.

Welcome to January in Vermont. It’s a wee bit chilly. UNDERSTATEMENT of the year, and it’s January 15th(or 16th) depending on when I hit send at the end of this thing). Layering and snow boot wearing is the look du jour.

Catch up:

Acupuncture is amazing, and super helpful to me right now. If there are offerings near you, go out of your comfort zone and try it.

I’m back to taking four classes this semester–3 core classes( Digital Storytelling, Play and Participaton, and Human Interface) and one elective(Painting Other Worlds). I’m glad to be back to a routine.Somewhat.

I have two new housemates, L and I. I just moved in today…still figuring him out. So, me and three boys. Living with dudes is actually quite easy when I don’t have to share a room, or haggle for the remote. I recommend it for you, ladies, if you need roomies of the platonic kind.

I’m already thinking of travel plans this year…ideas?

I can’t wait for summer in Burlington. It will be weird being the only MFA class–class of 2012 will have gotten their degree, and the class of 2014 isn’t here yet. My cohorts are already wondering about them. Also, summer in VT will not feel like an oven, a la Memphis.
I won’t be back in the 901 until…so enjoy 2012, Memphians, cuz I can’t do it with you.

Here’s to learning how to cope with coldness until May(April??).


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