The end is the beginning

  I’m writing to my future self of Thursday, December 15th. The manifesto is completed, and our group did really well explaining interplay. The symposium was pulled off without too many hiccups. All of the Flash projects were done, and I don’t have to look at keyframes for a really long time. My time in John Banks’s class is over, and no longer have the luck of listening to amazing speakers from our community and from across the country.  My first time having art work critiqued is done, and I’m pretty humbled by my classmates and professor. My first semester in my MFA program is 98% finished, sans a few fellowship meetings and then free for a short while under 2012. 

If you had asked me a year ago this week that I decided to quit my job, move here, and enroll in a program that has pulled me in so many directions, created a bevy of emotions, and challenged a lot of what I thought I knew and what I thought about myself, I would have laughed it off, and went back to fumbling through life.

I still fumble( a lot), but I feel I have more meaning in what I am doing. I look forward to 2012, a Burlington winter, spring, and summer, and then another fall semester where my future rests at that edge. 


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