My captured response of Janet Murray’s “Hamlet on the Holodeck.” Each image shown is mentioned in the book as examples of storytelling via books, movies, or video games. From the printing press to today’s e-books, will our storytelling end up being shaped by the computer in the future? This book had so many references that I actually understood(which I was worried about when flipping through the book), and it made me rethink movies like Back to the Future, or books like Huckleberry Finn.

Does having these technologies shape the way we tell stories, or is the other way around? I feel this form of the digital narrative will slowly grab people, and may take time to warm up to readers. 

It was refreshing to read Murray’s thoughts and opinions on a topic that was new to me(a holodeck) yet I’ve experience plenty of the novels, movies, and television shows she mentioned. As usual, many a-ha moments while reading this book and I hope to read more from her.


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