Miles to go before I sleep

**external blog entry for one of my MFA classes…go here to read more**

I’m a big fan of bulletin boards. When I was younger, I would rip out favorite musicians, celeb crushes, ads, far off places, quotes, and tack them all onto this rickety wooden bulletin board above my white desk in my bedroom. It would all change weekly. Some of those things would crawl off the board and surround the wall to one, big masterpiece of my brain. Tumblr has now taken over as my virtual bulletin board.

Why am I talking about a random organizational tool?

The end of the semester is nigh. I haven’t yet, but will after I write this entry, count up all the things school, fellowship, DFA, and personal that I need to do before December 15th. I’m already dreading that configuring. It’s an odd feeling—trying to relax when you know you have so much to do in my studies that I feel bad watching a show, or going to a yoga class. How did life get this way?

While waiting for a few students in the EMC fill out Design for America forms today, a young blonde walked in with a graduate admissions rep to talk to Ken Howell about applying to Champlain and to this program. I was halfway listening, and just continued on my DFA applying way. About thirty minutes later, I was hanging with Patrick and Susan, when Ken walked her over and we were asked to sit with her and answer her questions. Her name was Hailey and she just graduated from a school in Michigan with a graphics design degree. We gave her real answers and I think she really appreciated what we told her. Even though we’ve only have had three months under our belts, it has seemed longer.

On a related note, Meg Sealey of Career Services emailed a few weeks ago asking any graduate student to come talk to CCollege students about what it means to be in graduate school, the application process, and more. Sure…I’ll do it. I turned out to be the only MFA’er amongst MBA and IT students. A few students attended, and I hope what I told them helped. One of the speakers was Peter Zuk(sp?) from Kaplan and he said something that struck a chord in me that ” you undergraduates have something that is fleeting daily: your youth. Never again will you be as young as you are now, so why not try graduate school?” As I stare down my final year in my twenties, I’m know I’m on a precipice of youth and a bulletin board decorating adult.


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