Twenty Ninth Birthday

And now for a special Friday Finds(and a day late)…my twenty ninth birthday was yesterday. This didn’t truly shake me up like last year, or when I turned twenty five. Maybe I am ready for the last year of this decade, and looking towards my thirties? I feel like I am getting to know me better…did a move out of the 901 cause that? Probably. I’m around some pretty cool people(not that I wasn’t in Memphis), but the vibe is different. I hope I am not looking through rose colored glasses.

I spent yesterday sweating it out on a yoga mat, eating cupcakes, and drinking some tasty ice tea mojitos. There was a surprise italian cream cake. A tipsy outing back to campus to hear a professor of mine talk about art, and then bed by midnight. Pretty chill day and amazed at the amount of wishes in social media world that I received. I got some birthday money from my grandmother, a pretty cool scarf from Big Al back home, and cards from friends. And I decided to partake in a tarot card reading…pretty interesting and why not?

Here’s some pics of the day:

Cora’s cake that she brought–pretty tasty.

Birthday present pour moi

I saw the Rum Diary this week, and fell asleep due to being tired from school-I need to read the book now. School is going well, just the end of the semester is nigh, and everyone knows it. It’s getting colder, and I’m sure snow will be here soon. I’m excited for my first Vermont snowfall.


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