Comfort Zone

My Foundations of Digital Image Making class had an assignment to do something artistic for 35 days.

I decided to take a picture of my bed every day. It represents me, my life, and my insecurities. As I took a picture, I kept asking why? Why am I doing this? I had an idea to interview other people-my sister, friends back home in Memphis, and neighbors in Burlington and classmates. I asked four questions(with one of them just being a short biography):

1. What does your bed mean to you? Is it a place just for sleeping? Give some examples of how your incorporate your bed in your life. (it can be as personal as you want it to be). Give a small description of what your bed looks like(4 poster, sleigh bed, just a mattress, maybe bedspread color, etc). 
2. All of you are on Facebook and other social media platforms. What are your thoughts about people’s authenticity online? Do people really show their true selves? Or something else? Why do you think we hide behind these type of masks? This may be hard to answer, but give it your best shot…
3. How do you get out of your comfort zones? Any examples? Any thoughts on comfort zones, insecurities, putting on masks in front of people?
4. I need a small, quick bio from each of you-location, age, what your profession is currently. 

Here is the link to my Flickr page. The first link is of friends/family/Burlington residents:

My bed:

My Prezi:


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