Seven Weeks

So, here we are seven weeks into the program. It seems longer some days.  Michael Jager early in the week said that people should be at the state of passing out everyday. I know physically some days I could keep going, but mentally…I’m there. 

       I am aware that I am out of shape, so to speak, in academic world. I am so used to working 7:30-4:00, M-F and coming home at night to do nothing/watch TV/be with friends, and my weekends were spent with mindless wandering of stores, movies, TV, travel, sports, or just being in my PJs and doing laundry. Now…it’s work inside the classroom and out. Meetings. Preparing for my future as something other than Laptop Services Coordinator at Saint Agnes Academy-Saint Dominic School. Planning my day around a bus schedule. Walking everywhere…

With that said, I’m impressed with my classmates, our discussions(whether I have something to add or just to listen), the topics we are covering in all four of my classes, and the projects. Photoshop is one of the those tools I hope to master one day. But not this week. I bought all of my books for John Banks’s class, and I know I will read them all cover to cover. Readings in Technology as a Disruptive Force are introducing me to concepts or ideas that I thought I knew, but I am quite mistaken-in a good way.

Ken emailed out the classes for next semester, along with choices for electives. I’m thinking of taking this Paintings in Other Worlds class. Somehow, art and painting have been like a pinprick in my side these last three years-I want to learn all about it, from the inside out. I don’t paint in my free time, but I want to at least try. John told us two weeks ago that we have this small bit of time in our lives here at Champlain to discover ourselves, our talents, and what we want out of this program.

I hope to pass out everyday from it. 


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