Twitter’s Tipping Point


While reading Malcom Gladwell’s The Tipping Point over the last few weeks, I gained so much insight into the world of connectors, mavens, things that “stick,” trends, and the American culture. Never would I have guessed that graffiti in subway cars is a symptom of crime or that the early days of “Sesame Street” was so touch and go. I mentioned in class how Gladwell takes a piece of history, like Paul Revere’s famed midnight ride, and shifts it to the left a little to really inspect what is going on at that moment. It is a well written book on the topic of epidemics(good and bad)

As I was reading, I couldn’t help but think of the well used social media tool, Twitter. It began about three years ago and was just an “in the know” tool. One minute it was just another thing to sign up for on the net, and then BAM! it took off like wildfire. It has evolved from just a status update(where I am going, what I ate, what I’m wearing) to a place of true conversations, news source, shopping help, marketing for companies, and an up to the minute look at life. Photography has changed it’s role-now we can add it to our tweets and people can see what we are seeing. We can decide on a restaurant, a movie, a travel destination, or what to watch on TV due to Twitter. It has helped me stay connected with my Memphis life, while gaining insight into life here in Burlingon. I was able to win a contest via Twitter at a local salon thanks to a recommendation by another female Burlington resident. 

Katie Couric interviewed Biz Stone, Twitter’s founder, on the tipping point of Twitter(posted on YouTube):

Twitter’s Tipping Point (by CBS)


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