Back to school

For the third time in life, I am a new student at a new college.  My schedule on paper looks not too bad-one class on Monday nights, one afternoon class on Tuesdays, and two back to back classes(with a two hour break between) on Wednesdays, and off on Thursday and Fridays. From what I learned at orientation on Friday, I need to learn to get use to long hours and late nights. Luckily, I am a night owl.
I feel really excited about it all. I haven’t felt this way about something in a long time. I think I get this feeling when I travel abroad-the feeling of when you can’t wait to actually begin a journey. I hope to be able to share what I am learning in this new media type program on this blog, and I know I will be integrating it with a few of my class blogs.
One of the current MFA-ers in the program said in regards to a career post Champlain that you could discover something you never knew you could do or find a topic fascinating. I hope I do. I hope I do…


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