A week of firsts

    This has been a crazy news week–earthquake that shook most of the eastern seaboard in the USA, Steve Jobs stepping down from Apple(good for you, man, but we’ll miss the tennis shoes, and black turtlenecks at WWDC), Gadhafi/Khaddafy/Qaddafi/Cut Offy getting his regime body slammed by rebels, and now Hurricane Irene.
    If you are old enough to appreciate the Real World in the 90s and early 2000s, this was my first thought:

   I can’t handle any Real World shows pretty much since Vegas(the first time? are there more than one
seasons of Real World Vegas? I feel so…hmm). Anyway, THIS Irene was from Real World Seattle where we discover her bat shit craziness is partially due to Lyme Disease and she likes to throw precious stuffed animals into the waters of Seattle. See ya Irene, hope you are doing well now. 
    Anyway, my roommate Brian told me today that University of Vermont is canceling convocation, a few important student events, and the ice cream social. Guess which he was most upset about?  People in Burlington are keeping their eyes to the sky, but I predict I will be wearing my rain gear this weekend. Stay safe, America. 

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