A church or a walgreen’s on every corner

     I grew up with many friends who had homes at Pickwick lake. My family were not and still not big second home families-lake, beach, or whatever is left. I’ve only gone once to Pickwick and that was a Memorial Day outing in the 4th grade(so 1992?). As my time in Memphis was winding down, my friend Allison invited me to go with her, her husband, and his parents to stay at their new cabin at Pickwick. Uh, yeah I’ll go! Beer and a boat? Yes please. But as most girls in the summer, we have to primp to wear a bathing suit. Yeah, you catch my drift?

   Off I go to the Walgreen’s down the street to pick up, uh, shaving supplies. There is a saying(I guess?) in Memphis that you can find a church across the street from another church or a Walgreen’s across from a Walgreens..or a CVS…or a Rite Aid…take your pick. I got my things and headed to the check out. A young college aged girl decided this was going to be sharing time and proceeded to ask me “HOW DO I SHAVE MY BIKINI AREA?” She couldn’t stop talking and asking questions. All I wanted her to do was to ring up my things, and get me the hell out of there. Question after question and problems and concerns about being seen in a bathing suit, and what do I do if…?

Time stopped for a few moments and then the planet got back on its axis. I left with way too much concern for this girl’s bikini area and proceeded to have a fun weekend on a boat with a lot of Bud Light.


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