June #2

I have a blog? Whoops.

As the final day of June, I will just summarize the latest in my small life instead of trying to reach back into my brain and retell stuff.

–I made to Burlington by the skin of my teeth on June 12th. A super long line at check in, auto check in kiosk not working with me, and no print out of boarding pass made me a very annoyed/stressed out self. I was running to my gate and threw my pass at the gate person and got onto the plane somehow. I don’t think I calmed down until 10 minutes into the flight. Lesson learned.  The flight from Burlington on the 16th was just as eventful–flight to Chicago was delayed, which made arrival 20 minutes late(ok for me, but not for a lot of people),  had a couple on my Chicago to Memphis flight get into an argument over checked vs non-checked baggage and what was legal with flight attendant, and then it was lighting when we hit the Midsouth area. Storming. Lighting. Not a fun flight.

-I stayed in a motel that was fine for me, but I definitely kept my eyes on my stuff. I paid $61 bucks for the whole four days–does that seem weird to anyone other than me? I was expecting that fee times 4…whatever. I paid and got the hell out of there.

-I have a place to live. Great location, renting a room from a guy whose home is private on the first floor, but the second has four bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. I have one of those rooms. FURNISHED. I couldn’t believe it. I read the ad on craigslist, called him a week before I left Memphis, and it all worked out. I did see another apartment in a burb of Burlington, but just too much for me right now and with my financial situation. I can walk to school, library, Church Street, grocery store, and movie theater.

(Second floor of peach home-tree is blocking one of my windows. The one to the right is mine as well.

-After I signed the lease, I bummed around Burlington, read a lot, drove up to Stowe to see a few sights, went to a museum, the library, took in  a movie, and watched TV in my motel room. Laid low.

-Back in Memphis, I’ve been working, getting ready for the next school year(which I won’t be a part of…weird),  and taking a lot of Pure Barre classes. I love it!  Two of my closest friends are getting married July 2nd and July 9th and honored to be in their weddings.

I have one month to go before my job with this school is over and then two weeks before I leave. I am worried about stretching my bank account, and making it until September. I know it will work out. I will be selling stuff(books, DVDs, couches, a painting, and a coffee table anyone?).  Lots of changes this summer-me leaving home, friends getting married, friends expanding their families, new jobs…the world spins madly on.


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