Still got it.

      Last week at work was just a really long work week-lots to get ready for the end of the year, plus I wanted to knock out a few things for my move and I got really worried and anxious. Friday after lunch, I checked my email and I thought it was a joke-I won two tickets to the upcoming Bon Jovi concert. Seriously? Me? I forgot that I entered the Memphis Convention Bureau’s ticket giveaway contest and two tickets are mine. I’m a fan of Bon Jovi, but wouldn’t maul the person next to me to get a seat, ya know?
       Fast forward to last night-my friend Jenny and I headed to the FedEx Forum, but not with a few snafus. Like many people of this day and age, we don’t carry a lot of cash on us. So, we hatched a plan to tell the parking attendants that we are just going to dinner, and not pay the $20 event parking fee…that plan crashed and burned. Off we went searching for a First Tennessee ATM, and I remembered Peabody Place had a few of them. Little did I know that I would begin a wild goose chase involving way too many stairs and a lot of elevators in this vacant building–signs everywhere for ATMS, and none to be found. THANKS. A. LOT.  With a quick call to OnStar(my iPhone was conveniently left behind at her house…good job, AHO), our ATM problem was solved and we got to the Forum as soon as the opener ended his set. Big thanks to the Convention Bureau-pretty good seats! Bon Jovi played a good mix of old and new and we left after two songs into the encore–we figured Livin’ on a Prayer would be the last played, but we’ve heard that a billion times. Plus, it was 11:30pm and we had a long drive. And off we hobbled with our canes…

Here are some things Jenny and I observed:

1. We felt really young…really young. Bon Jovi clearly knows its demographic, as one point in the concert Jon yelled out to the crowd ” Stop texting the babysitter and get on your feet!” I think the general age was about 45, in jean shorts, and teased up hair. But,  there were some 20 and 30 year olds who were re-living college for just one night. Lots of bandanas…more than I needed to see.

2. Ever want to see a toothless woman in really tight black jeans and screaming I Love You Jon the whole night? Come ask us. We got a full viewing the whole night. She was to the point of orgasming with every hip shake by the man.

3. I can show anyone now how to appropriately play air guitar-the gentleman to my left pretended to be Richie Sambora(who was in rehab and not on stage) the entire evening. Even during the slow songs. He was gettin’ it.

4. “Memphis” the Broadway musical is coming to the 901 soon. David Bryan, the keyboardist for the band, sang Memphis in Me last night. If what he sang is any testament to the musical, run, don’t walk to get your tickets. Awesomeness. Plus, I had no idea he sang-his voice is amazing.

5. Jon Bon Jovi is still hot. Forever. AND he loves the jazz hands.


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