Memphis and Me

      With my decision to leave Memphis and head to New England(read here) coming quickly, I’ve decided to make a list of places, and eateries that I have never been to or tried in the city of Good Abode. Some I probably won’t get to do, but here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

-Three Angels
-The Cove(been once)
-Broadway Pizza
-Sweet Grass Next Door
-La Guadulapana–or any Mexican restaurant on Summer that people rave about online
The Arcade. Only stopped in once for a Sprite en route to picking up my towed car. Read about that here  DONE
-South of Beale
-Pancho’s-not kidding

Civil Rights Museum….I know. I KNOW. This should have been a third grade field trip experience, but I feel like I was sick on that day. DONE
-Stax Museum
-Graceland Too
-Spend a day exploring the South Main district. DONE
-One more show at the Hi-Tone
-One more time scarfing down at Jerry’s Sno Cone
-Eat as much barbecue as a I can.
-Duck walk at the Peabody. Never seen it.
-See as many summer movies at the Orpheum.
-Ride the trolley a few times
-Elmwood Cemetery

What are your suggestions?


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