Yes They Did.

What a month for Memphis. Flooding, tornadoes, Grizzlies winning, Grizzlies losing, Memphis in May activities(and the month is still not over), and President Obama coming to get the Booker T. Washington highschool commencement speech. Yesterday’s local coverage was up to the minute with where the POTUS was landing, to who he was taking pictures with, and ended with what BBQ restaurants he had cater his lunch-the Rendezvous and Interstate BBQ.

Here are a few highlights of the inspirational and moving day:

Christopher Dean’s moment in the sun, courtesy of The Commercial Appeal:

President Obama shaking hands with emotional students backstage:

It was a memorable day for the citizens of Memphis to witness what these 155 graduates overcame and I hope someone will do a “where are they now?” in a year or two.  As I get older, I find that I love my city more and more-Andrea at 18 and Andrea at 22 would not agree with Andrea at 28.

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