be kind, just rewind.

    A few weeks ago(maybe even shorter than that) a news story made me a little sad-the local Blockbuster video rental stores in Memphis are closing.  This company was my first job, way back in 1999.  A family friend was an executive in the Memphis corporate offices, and hooked me up with a job for the summer at the store on Poplar at Kirby Parkway.  It was a golden setup-watched movies all day, could wear somewhat comfortable uniform,  and a TCBY was next door.  BAM!

Well…ehh. From what I can remember, I made a lot of mistakes.  Had some weird managers, and got bored a lot.  In my head, I thought it was going to be the BEST JOB EVER up to my 16.5 years on Earth, but not so much.  I was always the “new girl” even into August, when I had worked there for two months. All in all,  it was a paycheck and I got to help with some cool promotional events with Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace opening that summer. On my last day of work, a car ran into the Germantown store at Poplar and Exeter and I got to help restock those shelves as a special “treat.” It seems so long ago, and I don’t even know that girl any more.

Blockbuster was always a treat for me growing up, and a big part of sleepovers. It’s weird that a company with that much sentimentality for me will no longer exist. It’s just a video rental store, but holds a lot of memories for me.


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