Snowing in Memphis

It’s cold outside, people. Being a southerner, we aren’t usually use to the white stuff falling from the sky. We scramble to the nearest grocery store for the cliched “bread and milk” or beer. Lots of beer. Since December 2010, we’ve had a handful of snowfalls that has paralyzed Memphis. Some of them have been enough to close the school systems, churches, events, and government offices. I haven’t heard yet the official total of today’s snowfall, but it has been the worse of all-a normal drive home took some Memphians 2-3 hours due to wrecks, spin outs, and icy roads.

My previos entry sounds so uplifting…well, today’s snow is now getting to annoyance level.

Yet…being at home actually is productive. I can catch up on reading, whether its the pile of magazines on my coffee table, or the paperback by my bed. My laundry is done. Well, “done” is interpretative-most of it is folded on my dining room table, or downstairs in the basement hanging up for drying. Trash has been taken out, and my taxes have been filed. Just waiting on that refund…any day now, IRS.

I read on Twitter that having a snow day is an extra day for us to slow down, take care of needs, and enjoy the winter surprise. Yes, it is frustrating to drive in and can be scary, and our cupboards may be bare for a night, but sleep in and catch up on yourself and your home.  Snow is not a usual sight in the 901(this winter may change that), so here’s to it.


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