I’ve been struggling with my faith lately and I needed to watch/listen to this tonight. I think we all stray from a path we once knew and look for things to fill a void. I know I have lately and things are going fine, but then again, no they aren’t. I read an article today in the local paper about simplifying. As I worked out tonight, not feeling so hot, and struggling through, it hit me that I need to simplify. I deleted a lot of people from Facebook tonight that I haven’t spoken to in a long time, or have lost touch. I’ll be cleaning out my closet(not only to pack up since I’m moving in March), but to give away clothes, and just junk that has cluttered up my life.  I’ve made a somewhat decision for Lent to give up social media-cut back on the constant tweeting/Facebook checking/Tumblr, etc. I’ve cared too long about knowing EVERY LITTLE THING that is going on, and having the feelings that I must be in the loop. Less is more.


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