Snow Media…

Memphians live for snow days. Kids do dances, wear their PJs inside out, and stand guard in front of the TV waiting to see their school name pop up on the screen under CLOSED.
Wait, you didn’t do that? Oh, sorry. You’ve missed out.
Sunday night, Memphians were all pumped for snow and a possible day off from school and/or work. Twitter and Facebook blew up in the Memphis community-people doubting the weathermen, giving stats in their zip code of “Is the white stuff falling yet?,” and guessing how much snow will get on Monday.  I found out faster than the TV what school systems closed on Twitter. Power of social media.
I drove out to Germantown for dinner with the ‘rents and just stayed the night. It started snowing about 6:30ish and we got about 3-4 inches(maybe more in surrounding areas) and a lot more in northern Mississippi. 
Twitterers in the 901 were using hashtags like”#Snowpocalypse” or “#snOMG” or “#snowdeath2011 to describe our winter wonderland. I made the white knuckle trip from Germantown back to midtown Memphis and the drive was fine. After layering up a little more, I walked around the Vollintine-Evergreen neighborhood, got a chai latte at Cafe Eclectic, and snapped some photos. 

It was fun to overhear kids throwing snowballs, people out walking, and just the quietness snow brings to a city. Hope we get more…

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