Tacky Christmas Sweaters, Memphis style.

Tacky Christmas Sweater

Christmas is here and so are the tacky sweater parties. I was invited to Laurie Yearginand Chad Gilbert’s engagement party last night and it was a tacky sweater themed party. Lots of turtlenecks, sequins, really bad socks, and bows. Bows galore. Laurie and Chad are getting married in April 2011(almost the same week as our friends Jenny and Garrett are having their son, Landon aka “Lando Calrissien”) and we can’t be more excited for them.

For those of you who don’t get the above Lando Calrissien reference(ahem, Jenny)…SHAME SHAME first of all…

Lando from Star Wars

After that party, I headed from East Memphis to Cooper Young area for Elizabeth’s “Very Cawein Christmas” throwdown complete with DJ’s(thanks dudes) and more tacky sweaters. Things didn’t get going until 10:30ish and that’s when Elizabeth’s 1000 year old house decided it didn’t want to party anymore, and a fuse was blown. Sad face. Major sad face. But, we still had a fun time, and I got home at a decent hour.

So here’s to the week of Christmas…2011 is around the corner, and lots to great events to celebrate.


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