What say what say what?

I’ve been an iPad user since May when my work decided to buy the tech department iPads to see how they could be used in education. I truly do see a place for it only when textbook companies decide to “play ball” with schools. I will always be a fan of books, but this could eliminate book bags, back aches, and the annoyance of carrying books to and from classes. I’ve found great apps, and I am not going to lie-Netflix streaming has cause a lot of battery drainage.

While searching for iPad info on the Internet, I found this on Vimeo:

iPad Motion Cover – Emma Watson Marie Claire December 2010 from LEGS MEDIA on Vimeo.

I am a fan of Emma Watson, and of course, being a Harry Potter fan, immediately thought of all the Harry Potter newspapers that move in the movies. NERD ALERT.

This article on cmswire shows how designers are using the iPad for creating more interactive content.
Thought it was a fun food for thought of users creating on the iPad. Not the easiest to do or to get people from transitioning from a keyboard to a touchpad(unless you are a smartphone user or just good).


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