Ode to a library

 Fond memories of growing up in Memphis #545: the libraries.

      My mother has passed on her voracious love of reading to me, along with newspaper reading(started in third grade), crossword puzzles, and being a freak about calendars(buying them, filling them up, saving them for who knows why).  Almost every weekend, we would haul off to the local library. I have a big memory of the old Germantown, Tennessee library. It is now part of the police station area, but back in the 80s and early 90s, the library was a big pitstop. I can still see it in my little kid head–green carpeting,  and a really big posted of Yoda telling me “Do or do not Read” by the exit. This was a BIG deal to me, since Star Wars is a favorite, and of COURSE, Yoda was specifically talking to me…who else?

When we moved to East Memphis, we would go to the Poplar White Station library a LOT. I didn’t need any guidance after a few times,  found my favorite spot to plop down and read a few pages of my chosen books, and got a library card in the third grade. When the main library was on Peabody, I thought we were going to the ends of the earth. I was amazed by how big it was then, and we would only go there when I had a big paper or project to work on. So, it was a special library to me.

 One college memory was me walking down Midland Avenue by the U of M campus just to go to the Highland library branch. There was a perfectly good library on campus.  But, sorry Memphis admins, I had to keep my loyalties, and I checked out a lot of books, which I hauled back to my dorm. That branch is actually my mother’s favorite of all the branches. Maybe it reminds her of her childhood of attending St. Anne’s on Highland school or attending U of M, I dunno.

 I went Wednesday afternoon of this week to the main Library(it’s still “new” to me even though it was built in 2001 in a new location), got a new library card, and checked out a book and some DVDs. There are many other branches in Memphis that I haven’t seen, but I guess the point of my post is no matter where technology goes in our immediate future, I will always have a need for a book. Always.

 Thanks BHO.


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