Road trippin’ and concert goin’

I try to see as many concerts and shows as I possibly can at all times. Time permitting. Actually, just health permitting, as I have learned lately that 9:45pm bedtimes work WONDERS for a dreary, rainy, Tuesday morning(like today). I need sleep.

I digress.

This summer, I was checking out Pollstar and saw that a band that I have been listening to for about a year or so is coming to Nashville Halloween weekend ( The Avett Brothers). I did fist pumps at my desk at work. I posted a status update on the FaceTwit and two partners in crime, Elizabeth and Amanda, both emphatically said they were interested and can Halloween get here any faster?

Oh, how it did.

After a week of back and forth planning emails, it was here! October 30th was circled on my calendar and shrills of glee were heard across the land(ok, maybe just my apartment. Definitely just  my apartment). Amanda and I met up and headed to pick up Elizabeth a little after 1:00pm, and we hit the road. Thankfully, Elizabeth’s sweet friend David let us crash at his place in the West End of Nashville, so that helped the pocketbook. The drive up went quickly(we all agreed the stretch of road between Jackson,TN and Nashville blows), and got to David’s by 4:45ish. We noshed at Jackson’s Bar and Bistro near Vanderbilt, and got to the historic Rynman with time to spare.

Anyone ever paid a parking lot attendant by check before? We had to since we zoned out on bringing cash. It happens…

Since it being a festive weekend, we saw a great crowd of Halloween revelers-the usual sexy cats, sexy angels(huh?), people dressed as Harry Potter, one dude who was the Blind Melon bee, a NASA astronaut, and the usual gory costumes. I had never been to Rynman before to see a show,  so this was fun for me to be in a place that has had so many famous bands and singers in music, especially country music.

Opening act was Grace Potter and the Nocturnals-I want to be Grace Potter every day. I loved her voice, the band’s stage prescence, and even her hair. I hope to see her if she returns to Memphis. If you want to see part of her show, here’s a little.

A highlight:

Between GPATHN and The Avett Brothers, music was played over the speakers. A classic came on-Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.” Now, I heard people somewhat softly singing along, but at the chorus, it was a full on singalong chant in the crowd. Such a hilarious, yet moving moment.

Anddddddd…here it is on YouTube:

The Avett Brothers came on next:

They didn’t break character for a few minutes as mummies, and began with the apropos song “Die, Die, Die.”

Here is the setlist for the sold out show. For my first time seeing the band, they did not let me down. Amazing energy, the crowd was so into all of it, singing every freaking word, and I am looking forward to seeing them again.


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