Down in Mississippi and up to no good…

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They say young is good and old is fine and truth is cool but all that matters is that you have your good times”
-The Avett Brothers
In the spirit of the upcoming Halloween Avett Brothers concert this weekend in Nashville, I am listening to a lot of their music, old and new. This lyric made me laugh because it reminded me of this past weekend’s adventures.
Let’s go back in time…
About two weeks ago, Elizabeth mentioned to me how busy the latter part of October is going to be for her and her place of work, and mentioned that, on top of work responsibilities, she has been asked to see Memphis’s own, Lord T and Eloise, play in Starkville, Missisissippi…at a frat house. So, of course, she couldn’t pass up this opportunity.
I had a wedding to attend to of a highschool friend, so I thought that I couldn’t make it. But, the wedding started at 5:00pm, and the show didn’t truly start until 10:30pm-11:00pm, so I technically could go. Mind you, Starkville is 3 hours southeast of Memphis. Pssht, sure! Let’s go!
The group ended up being Elizabeth, myself, her upstairs neighbor and friend, Megan, and Megan’s friend Melissa. All women 25-29 and up and headed to party with frat boys and sorority girls–awww yeah. We caravanned and  hit the road, got a little lost, fell into line with MSU vs UAB homecoming traffic, and finally found the Phi Delta Theta house. 
Best quote of the evening:  OH-“This is why I became Social Chair-to get Lord T and Eloise!”
Favorite LT&E songs of the evening: “To My Ladies” “Gentleman Please”
The group went on in all of their glory, did a cover of 3 6 Mafia, Witnesse spinned his records, we danced, had a lot of adult beverages(thanks, Keystone Light!), and met some very young, but nice Phi Delts. They were shocked and awed we knew LT&E…
I made it back to Memphis by 6am and got about 5 hours of sleep on Sunday. It was a blast, I saw ex-highschool students from Memphis that did double takes when they saw me, and for one night, I was back in college.  
Check out Flipside Memphis’s coverage of the crunk artists…

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