Pushing the pause button.

I decided to pause the P90x workout regime…I did one whole week of it. I am pretty embarrassed. It  isn’t much to talk about at all. But, when  you feel that you are going to throw up after each exercise, I felt I needed to take a big break. I did the Cardio X disk for a few days, and I think I am going to work on getting my lungs, and stamina in shape first, then start back. I need to make more time to work out for sure.  With daylight getting shorter and shorter, and sweater weather already here, I need to get a move on!


One thought on “Pushing the pause button.

  1. I totally know what you are talking about! I too have the P90x dvds and meal plan… I had to workout HARD to get in good enuf shape to be able to attempt the evil P90x workouts. I still can't get though an entire workout, but I have noticed good results so far. Do what you can and always push just a little harder on the next days workout. Hang in there girl!!

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