‘Tis the season

A few Sundays ago, I made the trek from Midtown Memphis to the burbs for a possible interview with the ever so trendy Anthropologie store. They called me to let me know that there are openings for the holidays, and to please come in for a group interview. Uh, yeah! I have been fan and shopper of this company for about 5 years now, and not only enjoy the clothes, and housewares, but every store is an experience. The visual designers truly make the shopping trip an experience when your first step foot in the store.

         I arrived early with resume in hand-wasn’t sure what to bring or wear, for that matter. I talked my outfit over with a few girlfriends, and got the approval. I filled out an application, waited for a few minutes, and was lead to a table in the back, along with two other girls. One of them looked to be around my age, and the other clearly was in high school. We had to answer questions that ranged from the usual-“Why do you want to work for Anthropologie?” to the specific “who do you think this  brand caters to and why?” I had to think on my feet and be quick, since the first person who answers typically was correct. Total interview was about twenty minutes long.

    I was a little embarrassed for Miss Highschool. She flat out told the manager that she just really needed a job, and everything in the store was just “super cute” and really needs a job. She couldn’t make an original thought, and would just agree with what I would say or the other candidate. Ohh, sweet child of mine.

    Here’s hoping I hear something in the coming weeks! Holiday season is November-January…should be very busy, but fun, too.


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