Sassy Ponytail

In mid March of this year, I got to go on a spring break trip as a quasi-chaperone with the school that I work for (and it’s my alma mater).  While walking on some European street(I feel like it was Paris), I learned the term “Sassy ponytail.” One the students explained this term to me: think perky cheerleader. Think a really high ponytail that bobs, weaves, and bounces super high upon the head. Then, add a little bit of sass and backtalk et voila-sassy ponytail. Quite a few times I overheard this being thrown amongst the weary travelers, and which I laughed silently to myself. You would say this to someone(I really hope this is an all female diss, but you know men can be just as moody and biatchy) who had a little vinegar in them or snapped at you. 

It pretty much described me Thursday evening. Now, Elizabeth recapped the evening pretty well here on her site and while the evening was growing strong, I decided to bust out my sassy ponytail and asked a guy at the bar who CLEARLY was trying to hide the fact that he had a major black eye if he had been in a fight. It isn’t much of a story, but apparently, I had a major sassy ponytail and the girls I was with couldn’t believe I had the cajones to ask. 
I am actually considering chopping off my hair to a shorter look, so I will have to think of a new term or just pretend that I am bouncing my invisible ponytail.
My hair inspiration: Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland. Love her hair in the Stuck Like Glue video. Plus, I think she tries to top the Single Ladies dance in the last part of the video(shhhh, country music is somewhat tolerable. SOMEWHAT).
Next up: my possible job interview at Anthropologie…

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