"Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose. "

Two big celebrity deaths made my mouth drop this week, and it’s not the usual big named celebs.

As a child of the late 80s, and most of the ’90s, there was a movie that I secretly watched, and later proudly viewed at slumber parties and sleepovers. Winona Ryder in her early goth fashion, Alec Baldwin actually normal and cute, and Geena Davis…where did she go?

That’s right, Mr. Michael Keaton himself–Beetlejuice. I got scared during parts of the movie, and quickly grew out of it. If you remember Otho, the interior designer Catherine O’ Hara  hires to redecorate Alec and Geena’s home(and use his “paranormal skills”), then let’s pay our respects to Glenn Shadix. He died this week at only 58. He also went on to star in another 80s gem-Heathers.

Favorite scene:

The next memorium goes to the ladies of 1999. Or should I say “Summer Girls.” Sadly, Rich Cronin of the 1999 band LFO died this week of a long battle of leukemia. This song would not leave my head that year–it was EVERYWHEREEEEEEEE.  I actually gasped when I read the news since the band was broken up, or fallen off the non-90s pop music world.

Of course I had to include it:


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