back to the 90s.

During the 1994-1995 tv season, my sister and I watched one show with much fanaticism-My So Called Life. We quoted the series, sought out the music on the show(days of pre-iTunes), and taped the episodes when it aired on MTV. When I would see Claire Danes, AJ Langer, or Devon Gummersall in any of tv or film after MSCL ended, they were alway Angela Chase, Rayanne Graf, or Brian Krakow(side note: I was a Felicity fan, too, and Devon Gummersall was on it for a split second–I remember when his face came on the air for the first time and I shrieked “It’s Brian Krakow!). I became Claire Danes’s biggest fan. I combed fan websites on the Internet(yes, these were the 90s and really bad websites were out there). I wanted Rayanne Graf’s hair. More than anything, it was all about Jared Leto. TOTALLY. Mr. Jordan Catalano. He was one of the boys in my locker. On my bedroom walls. Ripped out of magazines. It was his eyes, his hair, his sexiness that oozed and poured forth from the page. Even at 12, 13, 14 years old, I felt it.

Fast forward, to, oh, this past Friday night. I have always heard of 30 Seconds to Mars(Jared Leto’s band, along with his drummer brother Shannon Leto, and bassist Tomo Milicevic) and would read about it in US Weekly or just see on a blog. I downloaded one song, and would listen to it when working out–was a fan, but give me my DMB, my Avett Brothers, or Sara Bareilles.

Oh how things can turn on a dime.

I was waiting on Elizabeth to come pick me up for the Rock 4 Love benefit concert at the Hi Tone, so I killed time by watching MTV–the video below came on:

Now, I do believe in God and my Catholic faith, but I totally understand the girl at the end of video about “Some people believe in God, and I just turn up the music” (paraphrasing). These are the moments in music that I can’t get enough. The chills, the connections you have with the singer, the music, the people standing around you in a pit, or a crowd. The song is great message. I went and bought “This is War” the latest 30STM album. If you are a friend of mine, and this band comes anywhere near Memphis, your butt is in the car with me. Who wouldn’t just want to see Jared Leto? Favorite songs: Vox Populi, Closer to the Edge, Kings and Queens, Hurricane.

By the way, Jared Leto is 39 and his brother is 40–WHAT ARE THEY EATING AND DRINKING???

So, here’s the music and the moments.

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