It is a small world. Especially if you are a Memphian.

My family(parents, sister and I) decided in March to take a trip to San Francisco the last week of July. I have never been to California, so I was up for it. We planned to do all the touristy things-ride a trolley, see the bay, drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, walk everywhere(ok, maybe not a tourist move, but not many folks walk to work, shopping, etc in Memphis), see Chinatown, and visit Napa Valley. We had reservations at a winery in Napa at Cakebread Cellars, so off we went in our rented car to wine country. We stopped in Oakville, California at the famed and very cute Oakville grocery for breakfast. As we ate our bagels and egg sandwiches on a picnic table, another trio sat behind us with their dog. Since we are a dog loving family, my mother stops to chat with them. They asked us where we were from and said Memphis.

Here is where “It’s a small world after all…” should start playing..

The lady said “I know someone from Memphis, but I doubt you know them.” Uh, try us.

Of course, we did, and I worked with the friend of hers(sort of). Both women grew up together, and are best friends.

Wherever I go, Memphis follows me. C’est la vie.


2 thoughts on “It is a small world. Especially if you are a Memphian.

  1. I love Oakville! Their second grocery is two blocks from my place. Swing up to Sonoma County next time. Hey make it a party–Bring Amy and Jamie!Also, great choice at Cakebread.

  2. Cakebread was great-I wasn't up on my wineries, and everyone I have spoken to said they love Cakebread. My sister was in heaven, and I just was, uhhh, where are we? Now I'm a fan.

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