Dude, where’s my car?

I’ve been out of town for over a week, so back to the blogosphere…

Two Fridays ago, I called up my friend Allison to see if she wanted to hang–I won 4 Malco movies passes and $20 to use at Flying Saucer from the Memphis Flyer Twitter trivia contest(see, it pays to know this shizz). We decided to go see Inception(she hadn’t seen it yet), so off we went to the Paradiso. We discovered it was sold out, and headed back to her house to figure out something else to do on a Friday night…lots of ummms, and I dunno’s were thrown around. It was 7:30pm. We felt it was too early to head to the bars, and weren’t really that hungry. So, what else does one do in this situation??

Watch The Bachelorette, of course. I can’t watch these types of shows. Ever. But, I must say I was a little hooked. It was the third to last episode, and I was rooting for Team Chris. A little late in the game, but whatev.

Anyway, Allison’s roommate Rebecca was headed to Midtown for Friday night merriment, so we joined her a little while later at The Blue Monkey. Hung out there for a bit with some other girls and guys, and then drove over to the Hi-Tone to hear a band play.

Here is where my night gets realllllllly fun…and by fun, I mean, I’d shouldn’t have gone out at all Friday night.

In order to park at the Hi-Tone, one must either park behind the building, on the street, or in the Memphis College of Art parking lot. Now, I was just at a show at the Hi-Tone in May, and the MCA parking lot was PACKED of cars. So, that is where I parked this time…1am hits, and I am ready to go home. I leave Allison with some friends and walk to my car.

It’s not there. AT ALL.

Now, I must interject that I parked in the lot that now has “Cars will be towed, yadda yadda yadda.” I tempt fate a lot and park in these sort of places all the time. Do I think this ever happens? Nope.

Well, fate did not like me at all. Car was towed off by PB &J towing. Real cute name, eh? Not so much.

I sober up really, really, REALLY fast, and Allison gets me a cab. She says she can drive me down to South Main and Crump in the morning to get it and all will be well. She gets the Friend of the Decade award.

So, I can’t sleep, and decided to call the MPD at 4am that morning to make sure it was towed–yes, indeedy.

10am rolls around, and after really no sleep due to drinking, and worrying, Allison picks me up and we head out to hit up some midtown/downtown spots to kill time. Why? Because the towing place is ONLY OPEN from 12pm-1pm on Saturdays. That’s it. Might I also add that I was leaving on a family vacation at 4am the next morning(Sunday?). Hi creek? I kinda forgot my paddle.

PB &J Towing had a few other visitors, and two of the guys were in the same predicament as I was-at the Hi Tone, parked where I parked. We waited…and waited…and finally, the window to the tow place opens up about 2 inches and we had to slide our ID and money to the woman, one by one. Did I have cash? Oh, of course not. One super fast trip to the ATM and way too much cash later, I got my car. A funny moment was the way you have to pick up the car–a guy drives a golf cart type thing to you, and takes you behind the gate and then you can speed away.

I needed a long nap after that fun 24 hours. Family vacation was fun, and a Memphis moment occurred while swirling grapes in Napa valley…more to come.


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